Three giant alien spaceships are rapidly approaching earth’s atmosphere.  They will be here on November 29th.
Governments around  the world have activated their Alien Defense Systems.   It appears that the three giant alien spaceships from Planet Gootan are not altering their course.  They are headed directly for earth.  NASA is operating underneath a Code Red.
Leaders from around the world spoke on a conference call on Thanksgiving Day to determine how they can best work together to defend the planet from this major extraterrestrial development.  Most experts assume that the Gootans are hostile, though representatives from Brazil and France believe that the aliens may be peaceful.
World leaders are debating whether to fire their anti-alien missiles when the alien spaceships first enter our atmosphere or wait for them to make the first move.
“It may be too late, if we wait for them to fire, ” said Banesh Bannerjee from the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  “I have recommended that we fire our anti-alien missiles immediately at the ships, take them out right away.”
Not everyone agrees with this approach.  Dr. John Malley, the leader of the U.N. Panel, feel that a pre-emptive strike at the alien spaceships may not work and will undoubtedly enrage the Gootans, who might be coming to earth for reasons we do not know.
“The Gootans have a brain far more developed then the human brain,” said Malley.  “We can not even begin to understand why they might be coming here, but assume that they are coming to attack or harm  us is asinine.  If we fire first, that could be lethal for the planet.”
Governments around the world are not taking any chances.  The missiles are ready to be launched and the United States is preparing several nuclear devices, in case the alien spaceships get past the alien defense systems.

Why aren’t other media outlets reporting on this?  WWN has learned that government leaders, and media conglomerates, have decided to cover-up the attack, will call it a  hoax or a sham, because they don’t want to alarm citizens, and as a Defense Department sources told WWN, “really, there’s not much anybody can do.”
WWN will keep its readers updated on the coming attack.   In the meantime, go about your daily routine.  If you change your behavior… they win.

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34 thoughts on “ALIEN ATTACK (UPDATE 11.25)”

  1. oh…well,I might be stupid,but this seems real…anyway,I'm sure something will happen on 29th november…….GOOD LUCK PLANET!!!
    cheers WWN

  2. if this is acutally true , i,ll kick there alien butt,s if they try and kick butt,s if they try to hurt me or any of my friends and family…

  3. if you believe this then you are tools! if the ships are that close and due on the 29th then they could be spotted now in optical telescopes but oh no noooooooo, wait for it……….you have to be trained to be able to see them right! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    hey guess what? i have won the lotto jackpot 3 weeks running!!! AMAZING!!! what are the odds on that eh? maybe same odds as the so called gootans in 3 giant spaceships thats invisible to the human eye yet are supposedly arriving on the 29th!!! PUH-LEEEEEEAAASSSSSEEE pull the other one………….

  4. i would like to say that i do believe in aliens, but i find this whole story a bit much, i figure its a hoax, probably some money making sceem,scare the hell out of everyone, rip them off for some dumb thrill. i can understand why our government isn’t jumping,because its a joke. remember war of the worlds in 1938 orsen wells scared a lot of people, this is probably the same. so don’t worry we the people of earth will be fine.

  5. hi everyone !
    i just read the lastest news about alien attack, i am have trouble believing this news, i just think and feel this is some elaborate scam or hoax. this so called is supposed to be a real day the earth stood still or independence day or even 'V' visitors, thats even if its even true.
    an alien race that can travel to the stars will have a great advantage over us, so the truth is we do not stand much of a chance,there technology will be far more superior to ours and if that intend to enslave us ,they will most likely win. going off half cocked and first strikes on our part would be stupid, we we do not really know why they are here yet. they may have ideals for us,maybe help,technology,medicine, and maybe friendly. we are representives of planet earth and starting a fight is stupid,why not extend our hand in friendship first. right now people are letting fear get the best if them.

  6. Funny how the UN site's web search can't find the people or the Panel mentioned in this article. It's also odd that NASA declared "Code Red" which means "roads are too muddy, stay home and don't come to work unless you have to". As for the rest, it's too much fiction or hearsay to even confirm or debunk.

  7. Hummph, interesting! I wouldn't worry too mcuh since I think that the earth is protected in multi-ways by sources that only a few know.

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  9. And people in the "field" of UFO research ask the question why can't Ufology be taken seriously?
    A man from the early days of Ufology; Gray Barker once wrote "UFO's are bucket of sh*t." Not that Ufology is a waste of time, but simply because amount of crap involved with this topic. How did we go from respected people like Maj. Donald Keyhoe, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and Jacques Vallée too people like Steven Greer and Sean David Morton?

  10. So, you’re first story said 11.27, now it’s 11.29. Well, that’s today and nothing yet. My guess is that tomorrow’s headline will say 11.30 or 12.1. You have to be right eventually, huh?

  11. I believe, not about the attack, unless were hostile which is hard for us not to do…vioilence is a part of our lives it's soooo ridiculous. Look at EARTH we have ruined it…disgusting filth, greed, and death is already all around. The people we elect to be in charge should be taken out as well as a vast majority of people everywhere. POPULATION CONTROL…i agree we need to start over!!! I am sad to say I am disgusted with most people and the way we "abide" by the rules. Do this, don't do that, believe in god bulls***.

  12. i think its a big deal,but see what happens frist and the things still in my head cig smoke kill a alien before and an other things on my mind is about the girl found on the moon she had a paper dating back 2000 b.c i think that relates to that and was told they can move a plant thats how your sun got here.to me its one thing or an other .i got a son to think of and ill do anything cause they are not take him.

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