NEW DELHI, INDIA – India recently announced that it would launch its first manned mission to the moon in the coming months. Many questioned why India would spend billions of dollars during a world economic crisis on interplanetary space travel.

It was revealed today that India was invited to cater what will be the 21st Century’s largest intergalactic alien summit. Representatives will be coming from as far as the Qwoak home planet, or just around the corner, like Milky Way hometown favorites, the Martians.
“We are told that it came down to India, Italy, and China,” Narsimha Menon, India’s embassador to the InterGalactic Council, told reporters.
“Everyone knows that the Qwoaks are allergic to MSG so the Chinese were out, and the Vrrlkges do not eat carbs so the Italians got nixed.  That leaves India; everyone loves Indian, it’s so universal!” Menon said, not realizing his pun.
“The 2009 Alien Summit will be very influential in establishing governing policies for the next millennia,” said Dsgeyf Tnknk, summit coordinator.  “If you don’t get the food right, it doesn’t matter what is on the agenda. You don’t want unhappy representatives voting on possible trade embargoes on Planet Doom.”
Recently, Chicken Tikka Masala replaced fish and chips as the number one take out in Great Britain and replaced cannibalism as the primary food source amongst the native populations of Neptune.


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