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Vice President Joe Biden shocked the nation in a speech last night when he endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

Vice President Joe Biden reportedly told a crowd in Tampa last night that  “I am one hundred percent positive that for the next four years, Mitt Romney will be President of the United States.”   Many in the audience thought it was another one of Biden’s infamous “gaffes” but after the speech Biden confirmed to local reporters that he was endorsing Mitt Romney for President.

“He’s got the experience and I think he can help get the country back on track,” Biden reportedly told reporters on Air Force Two.

White House aides were in damage control mode this morning. “Joe Biden misspoke last night.  He thought he was being asked about the President.  It is ludicrous to think that Joe Biden would endorse the opposition party.  He supports Barack Obama, and himself, fully,” a White House spokesman told WWN.

There is a “mystery spot” on the schedule at the Republican National Convention for Thursday night.  Marco Rubio is going to introduce Mitt Romney, but before that someone who is listed only as TBD (to be determined) will speak for twenty minutes.  Rumors are spreading around Tampa that Joe Biden will make a speech officially endorsing Mitt Romney for president at that time.

“He’s gone completely off his rocker, ” James Carville reportedly told an ABC News correspondent early Tuesday.  “Joe was certifiable before, but now… we need to replace him as VP as soon as possible.”

Jay Carney, The White House Press Secretary was unavailable for comment, but a member of his staff reportedly told WWN that “Joe is just being Joe.  He’s trying to stir the pot.  President Obama is not going to drop him from the ticket.  Nor is Joe endorsing Romney.  Joe was just trying to take attention away from the Republican Convention… and it worked!”

We’ll see… Meanwhile, Chris Christie is giving the keynote speech tonight at the Republican Convention.  When told about Biden’s endorsement of Romney, Christie reportedly said, “He’s an idiot.  Who cares.”