NEWS ORLEANS  –  According to the world’s top astrologers, Barack Obama will win re-election to the U.S. presidency.
Fifty of the world’s top astrologers gathered in New Orleans to determine who will win the Presidential election in November.
Most of them relied on studies of celestial charts pertinent to both Obama and presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney for the date of either the election itself or the next presidential inauguration.
For Chicago astrologist, Nina Gryphon, it was her study of the Aries ingress – the exact time when the Sun enters the sign of Aries – that clinched the decision. “It’s obvious,” she said. “Obama stays where he is without a change in status.”
Billed as a meeting of the world’s top astrologers, the conference in New Orleans drew some 15,00 people who participated in workshops and panel discussions.

Astrologer Henry Murkin, of Locust Valley, New York said that he looked at Mercury, Venus and the rings of Saturn and matched them with the birthplaces of Romney and Obama.  “Romney is headed back to his home in New Hampshire in January and Obama will become the greatest President that ever lived.  That’s what the stars say.”
The astrologers employed non-scientific methods to predict how the relative positions of celestial bodies may influence human behavior and future events.

Denver astrologer Curt Beeman  said his chart focused on the public profiles of the two presidential candidates, both of whom “are entering into peak periods of eminence in the next few months.” But he said there was a key difference: “Obama’s peak period keeps peaking and goes off the charts.  His aura is literally mind-blowing.  He’s almost as bright a star as the sun itself. ” he said.
Romney’s misspelled campaign slogan isn’t helping him.

Most of the astrologers placed a 99.9% certainty on their forecasts, but a few pointed to potential difficulties Obama may face after his re-election.  “He’s in for some bad times,” said Beeman.
“The ingress of Saturn into Scorpio will cause his downfall,” Beeman said. “It won’t cost him the election, but he will suffer the worst times any President has ever been through – economically.”
Beeman added,  “His reputation will be ruined.”
But astrologer Sally Tindel disagreed, “I see his face on Mount Rushmore.  It’s in his chart. Definitely.”

As for the election itself, Beeman raised the slight possibility of the contested 2000 election being revisited.
“We should all be aware of the Mercury retrograde that will occur on election day,” another prominent astrologer from New Jersey said, referring to an optical illusion that can make a planet appear to reverse direction temporarily.
“Most astrologers are pretty certain that this could cause problems similar to what happened in the 2000 election,” Brennan said, referring to the contested Florida vote that was settled only when the Supreme Court ruled that George W. Bush should be president rather than Al Gore.
A survey of the astrologers revealed that they were all Democrats. “But that has nothing to do with our predictions… we are basing it on the charts.  Charts don’t lie.  Obama will win. Guaranteed.”

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  1. It feels like to much Karma here!!! The astrologers are only looking at the western star placement and not the level above our solar system. That is where the surprise will come, I feel, and it’s not expected. Some of the astrological conferences have been accurate but some have not, its like a 50/ 50 chance, would you not say? However with that said the celestial star maps are not computer generated and require a much deeper skilled technique then most astrologers have the true ability to do. To many personal agendas and energies lie on the table here and it is a mucky forecast. One must always remember that the stars are like waves, they can guide a direction but can never have control over the unseen weather from above.

  2. You heard it here first. There is absolutely no doubt about it , Barack Obama WILL be re-elected for a further 4 years. I GUARANTEE IT!

    • I believe Mr. Obama will win because I just left a lecture and it was stated the Saturn Pluto and North Node will bring Mr. Obama in as the winner. This lady is so on the money and you are too dear Elwyn – yep Mr. Obama is going to be the winner – even if he is not my choice – but this time he deserves a 2nd chance!

  3. The greatest reader of the stars is Venus by Evelyn who predicted that the Saturn Pluto transit brings Mr. Obama in as the winner – she said that in a lecture when he won the first time – she predicted all the obstructions – Now I can believe that Mr. Obama will definitely win .. I did not vote for him the last time – but those obstructions during his time in the white house has made me want him to WIN THIS TIME – (Venus by Evelyn has said he will win by 8.5% of the vote) she is always on the money and I am banking on her predictions!

  4. There is extraordinary bias with these astrologers. Romney's chart is far stronger than Obama's on election day, but more so on Inauguration Day in January 2013. Romney's chart for that day looks absolutely golden, while Obama's is down. If I had to choose a winner, I think Romney's signs are the stronger. Moreover, I have had images of Romney in my mind standing with a hand raised and taking the oath of office, while Obama's portrait hangs on a wall along side the portraits of McCain, Kerry, Gore, Dole, GHW Bush, etc. I've have this vision for three years now.

    • In your dream! That's where it should stay – this guy is dangerous for Americans; especially middle & low-income! It's unfortunate that some people are too blind to see it or just don't want to, even after the infamous "47%" quote! Shows how little he thinks about people, other than his "KIND" i.e. the rich & famous, who have bank accounts all over the world, hiding their wealth!

    • You Romney haters have no idea about this amazing man. Not only is he the most honest, highly moral person you will ever come across, but he will be the most caring, charitable, service oriented, intelligent, and concerned for the welfare of ALL Americans president you will ever see. Give the guy a chance and put your biases in the gutter. That's all it is … your biases are overcrowding your common sense. Get over it! Btw, Melita, I'm no psychic, but I smell falsehood in your statement. C'mon … admit it … YOU'RE NO REPUBLICAN!

  5. I'm not an astrologer and I am smart enough to know that I'm not smart……but I have enough common sense to know that Romney is not for the little or common people who makes up the majority of this country……plus his 47% statement didnt help him any.One does not need a crystal to see who the winner will be,just open your eyes.

  6. There is definitely a liberal bias in astrology, and this is reflected in many of the predictions given. I think it is always best to put the election in context while looking at a chart. Really, Obama has not followed through on his promises, the economy is still in ruins, and the debt is through the roof. These electoral burdens are always placed at the feet of the current president, fair or not. Most probable outcome is a Obama electoral win, but a Romney pupolar vote win.

    • I believe this to be true as well… I'm a christian and I believe this is what God is saying…Saturn is in Scorpio and is squaring Obama's Sun and opposing his moon…The Sun will also be in Scorpio…Neptune is in Romneys sign of Pisces making him slightly more attractive to the mass conscious

    • I agree! Also… nothing for nothing but I understand that all of the astrologers that made these predictions were democrats, go figure. I am getting Romney as well, I wonder if they looked at the charts of the spouses on inauguration day! Wow are they as bad as the bias media.

  7. I think Obama should get a second term, and I have no doubt, he will go down as the greatest president of our time..Do not be fooled by debate #1, he will be yhe comeback kid. I think he deliberately humbled himself while Romney imagined himself floating on cloud nine, which was very disappointing and distressing to many. America ,wake up, Romney could not care whether or not you eat,and this is across the middle class color line [white, black latino, American Indian] He is apologizing about the 47%, that he said he did not cre about, do you think he means it? Romney is for the super rich, wake up America. How do you expect a president to fix in four years , a big deficit that he took over, bank auto industry and housing market in disarray. Give him a chance.I am a Republican, but the Republican congress and House have not worked with him. It is a disgrace the way the tea party and the republicans humiliate the president. I strongly believe it is because he is a black man. God is going to move in a mysterious way in this country due to our bigotry

  8. Too many of you astrologers are crackpots! Would any of you have predicted a new star in the universe when Jesus was born? No … because there's someone who is greater than you and He can confound you if he chooses, and this time, He'll choose to do just that. Btw, Kevin, I agree with everything you suggest except for your last prediction. Here's what it will be: ROMNEY WILL WIN BOTH ELECTORAL AND POPULAR VOTE! That's what my brain and commonsense tells me & the majority of Americans.

  9. Obama wins hands down. Who wants a Medicare VOUCHER, RoeVWade revisited? I promise you Romney folks that if the CEO (Romney) is elected, it will be because he cheated. Don't forget the MOTTO of CEOs- Be the Best, Be the First and if not, CHEAT! If Romney gets in, he will tear down the government, build up the military, kill Medicare, Medicade, schools, teachers, pubic workers, reverse RoeVWade where an abortion will be illegal. No woman will have a choice about her body and the rest of us will be slaves to the CEO in office as president of the failed America. Romney said it himself, "America is done," early on, which is why he out-sources everything. If America is done so are all of you if you vote for Romney. No kidding. Do you want your life run into the ground by Religious fanatics, more covert than the Taliban, or do you want to see America grow, expand, thrive? It's your choice. Choose a slow death with Romney, where, if you don't make more than 250K a year, you're a slave to the "company store," Romney's company store. Or, choose someone who actually cares about you, even if you don't make any money. Swallow your Pride, Religious Fanatics, swallow the fact that what your neighbor does is none of your business, what a woman does with her body is none of your business, and turn away from the dark, choose the light of life. Thank you.

  10. My careful prediction is that ROMNEY will win and save the American people and the world. Obama is a useless chief and is causing the downfall of the USA in the world and internally. He has already caused untold negative changes for America, and a second term can only bring more of the same, he is soft, rudderless and weak. With the challenges in the world today we need a strong focused leader, and that is Romney.

    • I have been into astrology for 30 years and I must say, after looking at the natal and progressed aspects, Romney is not going to be our next president.

  11. Almost everyone I know is for Romney. I'm not. But I also know that most white middle class men are Republican and every single one of them has a wife who will vote any way their husband does. Many don't know who to vote for on the whole ballot so their husbands write a list for them to take into the voting booth. This is true in my large family, my neighborhood and my friends all over the U.S. This means that most men get two votes. I would love to see my women friends do a little thinking for themselves and vote the way they truly want to rather than be sheep herded into the party corral that the husband chooses. What a shame!

    • Wow Ann. I was totally struck by your comment. Talk about generalizing! Friends all over the Country? Yeah, right. I kinda doubt you get out much. Here's to hoping your husband gives you a "list" to take to the polls. Signed a middle class, white woman who is voting for Romney/ Ryan because they are CUTE. And not because my husband said so….

  12. Romney to win popular vote but will lose the Electoral college. We shall have days of gloom, votes being recounted in Colorado and New Hampshire. Then all will be settled for hard second term for Obama, serving a divided angry people.

  13. Interesting! How can so many views be reflected when the astrologers are looking at the same information? It's so indicative to people now isn't it. One thing is for sure and that is that Astrology isn't a math problem where's there's one correct answer or is it and some folks just didn't get it right? I mean one astrologer predicts that Obama will be re-elected but will be the worse President ever, while another says he will be the best and have his face on Mt Rushmore. Perhaps, it's like the half glass full or half empty and it's all about perspective. I'm going with the half full and see Obama re-elected and doing a great job of leading America ut of the dark place we're in.

  14. Just what if..Obama was not born in Hawaii and what if his birthdate is not reliable…that would then mean all the astrological figures are totally incorrect. I go with the psychic…Romney will win and it will not be close as the liberal media keeps stating..

    • Just what if..Romney's lies and dishonesty catchup with him and the unsealing of the Staple founder's divorce court papers show Romney perjured himself (which ahs already happened)…that would then mean all the astrological figures are totally correct. I go with the astrologers… Romney will lose big and it will be bigger than the Fraud/Faux/Flase News Service (aka Josef Goebbels News Service), the GOP, the Lunatic Right Wing Knuckle Draggers, and Nutcases, and the missing lobe Conservatives keep stating. This is what JC told many people.

  15. Americans have to remember that Bush and the republicans put USA in a mess.
    It takes more then 4 years to correct the situation and if Romney win,it will be the same old story,the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.
    I hope that the American people will remember how Bush destroyed this beautifull country and the republican congress who out od spike held the Americans hostage.

  16. Im an spritrure person and Im abuddist I dont predic but I know that Mr Obama will win this election again because my bubbda let me know ahead so i can share with you all

  17. Tommorows headlines: Polls on east coast just closed (2 PM PST) and first vote counted was Mitt Romney, so on very early returns, we predict Miit is winner in MA…per CNN – what kind of crap is this?…all news channels should be banned and fined (if they report crap like this before all the polls are closed)

  18. For sure , Romeney will be the winner.Check this this one out in tomorrow evening !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Stay away from Obama.On the night of the attack, the president met with top national security advisers and told them to deploy assets to the area. Question: Why did he decide not to deploy — why not actually to send those assets in in the seven hours between the first attack and the second attack in Benghazi that night when — in the second attack, seven hours later, two Americans were killed? [Fox Broadcasting Co., Fox News Sunday, 11/4/12]
    Note this !

  19. A day before the first debate I sent an E-mail to several of my friends with the election result they will read in the morning news paper on 11/07/2012. Here is my prediction and I stand behind this all the way:
    President Obama….290 Electoral Votes,
    Gov. Romney ……the rest (-5)
    Popular vote, Mr. Obama by 3.5 % (-, +)


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