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I’m madder than a geisha in a tanning bed!

So now the Teleprompter Kid is going around bowing to our old enemies!

I know the Japs go in for all that bowing stuff, but the Communist-in-Chief is (allegedly) an American. AND the President, God help us! He’s not supposed to prostate himself to some foreigner king – especially not the offspring of that bug-eyed freak we had to nuke TWICE to get his mind right.

It’s like I always say: we didn’t nuke the Japs near enough. They’re still half-crazy, with their nutty game shows and used underwear vending machines. These people eat raw meat with sticks, people! They watch naked fat guys jump around in jock straps! Does that sound civilized to you?

I don’t care about that peace treaty we signed with ‘em – I still hate the Japs!

OK, so maybe O-Bow-Ma kissed the Saudi King’s ring because they’ve got all that oil, but what do the Japs have that we need? Will they cut off our supply of comic books and Godzilla movies?

O-Bow-Ma can’t be bothered saluting the flag or saying the Pledge, but he bends over to the slant-eyed sun king, and some camel driver in a turban?

We don’t have a President – we’ve got one of those plastic water drinking bird toys with the little hat.

The Teleprompter Kid spends more time bent over than a Hanoi hooker!

My fellow Americans: will we survive until 2012? I don’t think my old ticker can last that long!