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WASHINGTON, DC – On the eve of the most important presidential election in years, the Chaos Cloud has descended upon the nation’s capitol.

Following stops in crucial swing states such as Ohio and Florida, thought to be monitoring the election to prevent the turmoil seen in 2000 and 2004, it is now thought that the Chaos Cloud is going to monitor the final days of the Bush Administration in Washington DC.

President Bill Clinton was widely criticized for 11th hour pardons and judicial appointments made in December 2000 and January 2001 just days before leaving office.  While there have been no negative long-term effects of those decisions, Clinton left office under very different national and international conditions.

Bush will leave the White House with the nation in a recession, the military still embattled in Iraq and with an every deepening national debt.  It is widely feared what Bush might do in the 11th hour of his second term.

DNC Chairman, Howard Dean told reporters, “The presence of the Chaos Cloud, while an ominous portent for the year 2014, provides at least some comfort for the final days of the most harmful and hubris-inspired administration in this nation’s history.”