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Pundits on all major networks agree… Mitt Romney crushed President Obama in tonight’s final debate.

The final debate between President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Gov. Mitt Romney that took place at 9 p.m. Oct. 22nd in Boca Raton is over and… Mitt Romney absolutely demolished President Obama, according to all the mainstream media sources.

President Barack Obama dodged and weaved when trying to answer questions about Libya and the Mid East, while Mitt Romney remained calm and just told the audience, “we can do better.”

President Obama was caught in numerous half-truths when he was trying to explain why the administration blamed the attack in Libya on a half-baked video by a crazy person.

“We are still looking into it,” the President reportedly told the audience.  “We should have an answer to what happened by 2016, after I’m out of office.”

“Mitt Romney won the election tonight,” said former Clinton adviser,  Paul Begala. “According to my sources, President Obama will resign on November 6th and save the country from having to go through the expense of an election.”

Mitt Romney seemed at ease when talking about foreign policy. “Look, China is screwing us over, so when I take office I think we should screw them back.  Poland?  I love sausage.  England?  A great place for a Mormon mission.  Russia?  My son is going to kick Putin’s a**..”

“President Obama looked like a little boy next to Mitt Romney,” said Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.  “I’m going to vote for Mitt.:

And in a surprising tweet, Bill Maher said, “I think we should all vote for Romney and then in January.. the revolution begins!”

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were much more friendly toward each other for this debate.  They were not as aggressive as last time, though Romney reportedly whispered to Obama, “contradict me again and I’m going to kick your leg.”

Bob Schieffer of CBS moderated the debate.   By all counts, he was better than Candy Crowley, but he also did help President Obama out whenever he could.  In a discussion on Iran, Schieffer interrupted Romney to say,  “you’re flat-out wrong Governor, President Obama is not going to bomb Iran until after the election.  And he may bomb Israel, too.”

Polls conducted by MSNBC showed that President Obama won the debate with a 99% of viewers calling Romney the winner and only 1% calling Obama the winner.  But that 1% then donated over $30 million to the Obama campaign, led by George Clooney.