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Trippy, the beloved dog of New England Patriot coach, Bill Belichick, is in a deep depression following the Super Bowl.

The Belichick family is deeply concerned about their dog, Trippy (named after a sideline technique that Belichick developed).

A Super Bowl spycam caught Trippy on the sideline in the final seconds of the Super Bowl in Indianapolis on Sunday.

Since then Trippy has refused to eat and only laps at his Tom Brady Bowl twice or three times a day.

“We are VERY concerned,” said Belichick’s girlfriend, Linda Holliday.  “Bill is depressed about the game, but Trippy is despondent.”

Trippy is reportedly always by Belichick’s side during Patriot practices.  Some say Trippy always looks depressed, but “that’s just the Belichick look,” said a friend of a Patriot cornerback.

Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady’s wife, weighed in on Trippy’s depression.  “Who cares about the damn dog?!  Can the dog catch a football?!  If he can, he should replace the rotten receivers Tommy has to throw to.”

Trippy reportedly bit Gisele on the ankle last summer. “They don’t like each other,” said a source close to the Patriots.

Patriots fans say that they saw one of the Giants’ players kick Trippy on the sideline, but WWN can not confirm that rumor.

We do wish Trippy a quick return to… joy.