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WASHINGTON, DC –  Rep. Barney Frank revealed to Congress today that he had breast augmentation surgery.

Outgoing Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) made an impassioned speech to Congress today.  He spoke on behalf of men across America who want bigger breasts but fear that they will be ridiculed by other men (and some women) for having larger and fuller breasts.

Dressed in a snug, light blue crew neck shirt with a jacket draped over his shoulders, Frank stood at the podium to deliver a speech that some have compared to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech.  Barney wants to erase bigotry and hatred that a large segment of the American public feel towards men who want big breasts.

Here’s Barney with his new breasts – thought he had more silicone pumped into them after this picture was taken.

And here’s Barney Frank BEFORE his breast implants:

See the difference:

Frank recently announced that he is retiring from Congress.  In his speech, he said he always wanted bigger breasts, but did not want his breasts to be a focus of attention when he was the head of the Banking Committee.  But NOW, he wants the attention.  “I want everyone to see me and my new breasts.  I’m  much happier now, and some might find it strange, but I feel more like a man now.

Here’s Barney’s friend, Fred Wilcox:

Fred got breast implants last year and convinced Barney to go ahead a do what he always has wanted to d0 – have a set of 35DDs.

Barney was mesmerized when he first saw Fred:

Barney Frank’s aides told reporters, and constituents, that they can look at his new breasts, but “please do not touch.  Barney doesn’t want anymore people squeezing his breasts… unless they pay per squeeze.”
WWN congratulates Barney Frank and his new acquisitions.