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VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will attend the Denver Broncos playoff game against the New England Patriots.  

In an announcement that shocked Christians around the world, the Pope reportedly will travel to Foxborough, MA on Saturday to watch Tim Tebow play football.  A WWN source inside the Vatican said, “The Pope feels that Tim Tebow may be an angel sent to this earth and he wants to meet him in person  – and bless him.”

This will be the first time in the history of the Catholic Church that a sitting Pope will attend a major U.S. sporting event.  “Pope Benedict feels that  humans are living through a very difficult time and that the Lord will send signs of peace, love and understanding to help us through these times.  The Pope believes that Tim Tebow may be a light sent from God, here to help heal the world.”

The New England  Patriots will not be intimidated by the Pope’s presence at the game.  “Look, it’s a football game,” a source close to Patriots coach Bill Belichick said.  “They have Tebow and the  Pope.  We have Tom Brady.   And it’s the playoffs… I think our chances are better in the game.”

Not so fast, Bill.  “The Pope does not plan to attend his first American football game and watch the team he is rooting for lose,” said an American Cardinal that will be traveling with the Pope.  “The Pope is predicting a 42-0 victory for the Denver Broncos.  He’s guaranteeing it.”

Tim Tebow has been called the “Mile High Messiah” for his miracles on the football field and his “wise and holy” attitude off the football.   Many across the country have started “tebowing” – kneeling on the ground with head bowed.  The Pope has even started tebowing…

Many believers in Vatican City feel that Tebow  – even though he is not Catholic – might be named the next Pope.   Pope Timothy?  Pope Tebow?  Sounds about right to many in Rome.

God is on Tebow’s side… Will anyone bet against Denver in the playoff game?