MOSCOW – Russia has built the first Alien Defense System to deal with the alien attack under way.

Vladmir Putin proudly told reporters in Moscow that Russia was better prepared for the alien attack -which began in late November of 2011 – than any other country on earth.

“We will survive, everyone else will suffer,” said Putin.

NASA and The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials have warned governments around the world to deal with the full on alien attack .

“There is an ongoing alien invasion that started in October, 2010 that will continue to December, 2015 – but we have confirmed that three massive attack ships from Planet Gootan approached Earth at a rapid speed and have landed in China and Indonesia,” said NASA astrophysicist, Thomas Hillstrom.

The United States, India, China and Brazil are all actively preparing defenses to counter the attack, but Russia is the only country with an alien defense system in place – according to Putin.

“We have essentially constructed a Force Field that will protect all of Russia and it’s citizens,” said Putin.

When asked for details about the Force Field and the alien defense system (ADS), Putin refused to comment. “We have spent 10 years developing this system and the technology, we can not just give it away at this time.  Plus, there is not enough time for the other countries to install it and prepare the anti-Alien missiles for launch.”

Some inside NASA and the U.N. say Putin is bluffing about his ADS, but he just laughs it off.  “You will see.”

Extraterrestrial experts around the world first thought the alien spaceships were from Planet Zeeba, which was just outside our galaxy, parallel to Jupiter, but they have re-evaluated the data from the Hubble Telescope and have determined that the hostile alien spaceships that are attacking us are from Planet Gootan, which is 20 light years past the dwarf planet, Pluto.

Putin remains calm and cool about the alien attack:

“The Gootans are no match for Russians.  I dare them to attack Russia. We will crush them.”

We’ll see Vladmir…

[NOTE:  WWN is one of the only major new organizations reporting on the ongoing alien invasion and the forthcoming alien attack.  As soon as we post articles – speeches, reports and other “official” announcements are scrubbed from the Internet.  There is a massive global cover-up to prevent worldwide hysteria.  WWN is not trying to alarm its readers, merely trying to report the facts.]


  1. How fucking dumb must someone be to believe anything on this web site? 20 light years past the second star on the right. Who wrote this story? Tinkerbell?!!?!? BAHAHAHAHAH!!

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