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PERU – An alien mummy was discovered in Peru!

 A giant alien mummy was found in Peru over the weekend.  Authorities examined the unusually large eye-sockets and bone fragments and concluded, definitively, that the skull belonged to an alien from Planet Zeeba.

Somehow, however, the Zeeban was mummified over five hundred years ago by locals.  The skull was in perfect condition and scientists feel they may be able to get DNA out of the bones – if there even is alien DNA.

Renato Davila Riquelme, an anthropologist working at the Privado Ritos Andinos museum in Cusco,  discovered the remains of the alien.

Measuring at 20 inches tall, the tiny remains were originally believed to be that of a child, but Spanish and Russian doctors and scientists disagreed, saying:

“It has a non-human appearance because the head is triangular and big, almost the same size as the body. At first we believed it to be a child’s body until representatives from the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials came and confirmed that it is an extraterrestrial being.”

This is believed to be the first alien mummy discovered on earth.  But Dr. Banesh Bannerjee from the U.N. Panel says that there are probably many other alien mummy’s buried on our planet.

A group of  “alien mummy anthropologists” have formed a group to search the planet for more alien mummies.  “We want to gather proof that, not only are aliens among us today, but they have been here for hundres of years, if not thousand of years,” said Davide de Andrade of the Colombian Anthropology Association.