LOS ANGELES – Rumors out of Los Angeles are that Kim and Kris made several sex tapes during their 72-day marriage.
Given their marriage only lasted 72 days before Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, many are speculating that Kim married for solely for money and publicity.  Kim and her family reportedly made over $25 million from what many believe was a “sham marriage.”
Kim’s manager and mother, Kris Jenner, has got Kim on lockdown – and is limiting her public appearances until the backlash over her divorce has settled down.  Jenner has been shocked at the amount of bad Press the short-lived marriage has received.

A source told  WWN: ‘They did not anticipate the extreme backlash and the damage it could cause to the K-brand as a whole. The whole empire has been affected by this dumb marriage and Kris Jenner is all about getting paid.”
Well, the latest rumors may not help the brand either…  Sources close to friends of Kris say there are multiple sextapes of Kim and Kris together in bed and that they may soon be up for sale.
The Kardashians are reportedly denying the existence of these sex tapes and denying their involvement of any sale of the sex tapes, even if they do exist.
But, Chuck Marklow, the president of Amoros, a top XXX video production company, says that they have seen the tapes and plan on making a “substantial” offer for them.  “We are prepared to offer the family more money than they received for the wedding.  These tapes are great, much better than her first porn release with Ray J.”
Here’s Kim and Ray J.:

The Kim-Ray J. sextape has been a hot seller on the internet for years.  Sources in the porn business say that a Kris/Kim tape could  easily become the top porn of all time.

Will it help the Kardashian brand?  Is Kim Jenner behind the sex tape?  Is Kim?  What do you think?

Meanwhile, Kim is claiming in the press that she broke of her relationship with Kris because he was mean to her.  “He called me a fat ass.  That’s grounds for divorce right there,” Kim reportedly told a German magazine.
Kris is planning to sue Kim for $10million over his role in the upcoming Kim and Kourtney take New York series.
Good times in KardashianWorld!  It’s going to be a wild Thanksgiving…

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  1. This family is trash!! Rumors are also now starting to come out that Kim used to be an escort. Sign the No More Kardashian petition at gopetition.com. Over 166,000 signatures (with comments) and growing….

  2. I think Kris Humphries the one will Release the sex tape because he the one who's needs money more than kim he got married with him because he want to be on their show before who's know Kris Humphries was ? until he dated Kim and than ppl started to know how he face look like… only ppl in Minnesota know him as Busket ball's player and he is rude . I dont think Kim is want to get fake marriage she is already has everything she just needs some one really love her for who she is, Kris the one who's asked Kim to get marry so think a bout it


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