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WAITUHI, NEW ZEALAND –   Numerous witnesses saw mysterious lights over the weekend.  Experts have identified them as alien ships from Planet Zeeba.

Hundres of citizens from  Waituhi, New Zealand  saw strange lights in the night sky over the weekend called on the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials to identify the mysterious objects.

Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials flew to New Zealand yesterday and examined the evidence and spoke to witnesses.  This is what she told  WWN:

“This is good news actually.  We have confirmed that three ships from Planet Gootan landed on our planet last week.  The Gootans are known to be hostile, but these lights here in New Zealand… they are clearly from spaceships from Planet Zeeba.  The Zeebans have long been known to be peaceful beings.  We at the U.N. believe that the Zeebans are now coming to earth to protect  humans from the potential threat of the Gootans.  It’s a very positive sign.”

The Zeeban ships were identified by locals as hovering over the town,  then flashing their lights and disappearing.  “Looking at the lights made me feel warm inside.  I didn’t know what they were, but I knew the lights weren’t anything to be afraid of.  I want to see them again,” said Chrissy McWalter of Waituhi.

The locals had a “Zeeban celebration” on Saturday to honor the spaceships that they all had seen:

The Zeeban spaceships flew above Waituhi in a triangular pattern.  “This is the typical Zeeban formation,” said Dr. Begley.  “Triangles are a symbol of strength and peace to the Zeebans.”

Dr. Begley said that the Zeebans had been “invading” earth since October 2010 and are expected to continue to do so until December 2015.   The Zeebans mission appears to be to protect humans and help us be more peaceful and loving toward one another.

Meanwhile, WWN will be updating the activities of the Gootans.   The U.N. is still concerned that the Gootans will turn hostile.

Here’s a video that a father and daughter on Waituhi shot over the weekend: