Looks like it wasn’t a happy Christmas for Russell Brand.  Katy Perry wants out of their marriage.
The feuding couple spent Christmas 7,000 miles apart.  Katy Perry was frolicking in the beautiful ocean water in Hawaii, Russell Brand was sulking in his man cave in London.
They have been married since October of 2010.

The celebrity couple  reportedly “had a huge fight” on the night before Christmas, a source told WWN.  It was reported: “She was like, ‘F–k you. I’m going to do my own thing.”  And Russell replied, “Fine, f–k you too.’ ”  Katy reportedly responded after that, “you’re a F–king a**hole wanker,” and he replied “You’re a f–king b*tch, a f–king fake blonde b*tch.”
A holly jolly Christmas for the Perry-Brand family!
Perry, initially had plans of taking her family for a trip to visit Brand’s London hometown, but after the big blowup, the pop star opted to jet to Hawaii with friends instead.  Meanwhile, Brand, spent the Christmas holiday at a Cornwall pub before heading to friend David Baddiel’s charity swim.
Russell did not seem happy:

But Katy was having a blast in the surf of Hawaii:

She was keeping things together:

They haven’t split up just yet, but Katy’s mind is made up, our source said. The fighting is getting worse and worse.  Russell is very violatile.”  One of the main reasons Perry and Brand may be at odds as of late comes down to family.  “Katy doesn’t think Russell respects her parents’ Christian beliefs or her friends,” another source added.
Brand reportedly wanted Katy to become an atheist.
Some sources said that this latest news was just another rumor, but WWN has confirmed with friends close to friends of Katy that it is true.  The marriage is over.
Brand is no longer wearing his wedding ring.
But luckily he has some friends to comfort him in his time of need:

Firework… no more.

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    • Melissa- thanks for saying that. Russell filed for divorce not Katy. And quite frankly I always thought Russell could do "smarter" than her!!

  1. No…Russell dumped Katy because she can't hold an actual conversation. It was just a matter of time before he lost interest in her boobs and butt .

  2. No matter who split with who I personally think katy is a godess and can do so much better than the scum of the world which is russell brand. Enough said!!!


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