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NEW YORK –  The world is in crisis.  Now is the time to head for another planet.  Buy a UFO and go!

With the US market on the brink, Weekly World News has decided to enter into a new business line, the manufacture and sale of spaceships. this is not a joke.

It’s only a matter of time before the entire world economy collapses.  Climate change may destroy our planet AND… aliens have begun a mass invasion.   What can you do?

Buy a spaceship and get outta here!

Browse WWN website store for the right spaceship for you:

There’s no reason to panic.  There are other planets where the economy is good, there are plenty of jobs and… the grass is greener.

No need to worry anymore.  No need to panic about finances or incompetent leaders and government.   It’s time to live… on another planet!

Prices range from $3 to 15 million.  President Obama has made it easy to purchase a spaceship.  You can put it on a special U.S. Government Credit Card.   Essentially, you will be paid to leave Earth.

Buy one and… go!