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SIBERIA –  Following reports of a UFO crash last month, Russians found the body of an alien buried in the snow!

Incredible footage has emerged showing the remains of a mangled alien.

The lifeless ‘body’ was discovered lying in snow in the Irkutsk region of southern Siberia –  following reports of a UFO crash last month.

The extraterrestrial appears to have suffered horrific injuries, including the loss of one limb.

Shocked villagers said they saw a pink and blue glowing object hurtling toward the town before the ‘alien’ was found.  Several of the elders went into the woods looking for survivors of the crash.

The mystery deepened when investigators said no aircraft was reported in the area.  And search and rescue teams found no evidence of an aircraft crash.

The strange clip of the alien discovery has now been seen by over 1.5 million people in  two days.  Some cynical YouTube viewers claim it is an elaborate fake.  But WWN can confirm that it is an alien body – from Planet Xixu.

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry staff, along with Dr. John Malley of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials, examined the body closely.  They analyzed the samples taken from the body and could find no human match on the planet.  “The DNA is alien.  It’s from Xinu.  I’m 100% positive,” said Malley.

Here’s the YouTube video claiming the body to be a fake.  What do you think?