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CENTERVILLE, VA –  A blue UFO was confirmed over Virginia last night!

A large number of people in Centreville are talking about a bright blue light spotted moving in the sky Wednesday night. But no one had an explanation for this unidentified flying object last night, but today the Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security said this:

“It was a UFO.  Our agents confirmed it this morning.”

UFO experts around the country carefully examined the photos this morning.  “I’d say the UFO is from Planet Zeeba, which is a planet in The Tadpole Galaxy.  They are known to fly nothing but blue spaceships.”

It was in the night sky just above Lee Highway when shoppers looked up and saw something weird in Centreville and it was all of it caught on camera.

“All of a sudden, it would stop and go back like this,” said Bryan Fains, using his finger to point out the direction of the blue light in the sky. “At one point, it stopped and went up and up.

Fains quickly grabbed his phone, turned on the camera and recorded the erratic blue light in the night sky. It flew around for about 10 minutes. 

“There]was no sound. It was a distinct blue light. It never flashed or blinked or nothing. It was just blue,” said Fains. “It’s weird. You only see this type of stuff in movies. Just as long as we’re here, I’m sure there are other things somewhere.

Fains has not seen it since. Only just the occasional airplane from Dulles Airport. He is all too familiar with those flying objects and their loud sounds. Fains says this one had no sound. The apparent UFO sighting has him baffled.

Some in the government are once again trying to cover this UFO sighting up.  They are spreading disinformation.  Even Janet Napolitano is backtracking a little bit now… but it’s a fact.  There WAS a UFO over Virginia last night.


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