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DENVER  – Citizens of Denver rejected a proposition to track space aliens.

Denver residents voted down a plan to officially track space aliens living in their city.  In addition, they voted to have the aliens deported from the city.

The proposal defeated soundly Tuesday night would have established a commission to track extraterrestrials living amongst the citizens of Denver. It also would have allowed residents to post their observations on Denver’s city Web page and report sightings.

Denver residents overwhelmingly voted down the proposal of setting up a panel.   But they overwhelmingly supported a plan to have the Denver Police round-up the aliens and send them packing… back to Arizona.

The Denver man who proposed the original measure, Jeff Peckman, says the government is tracking alien sightings but refuses to make the reports public. Peckman is a meditation instructor and promoter of new technology, including something he says reduces the “chaos of electromagnetic fields.”

Aliens were not happy about the vote and attacked a number of downtown Denver buildings last night with powerful bolts of light – shooting from UFOs that hovered above the city.  “It was crazy, man.  As soon as the vote was certified last night, I saw several UFOs fly over head and start shooting at us.  We all ran for cover in the basement of our building,” said Alison Benwan, 27.

The Purple spaceships were also seen hovering over Denver this morning.  “I got up to go to work and there were, like twenty, UFOs over our bus.  It was freaky man. They were just hovering…. I was scared,” said Thomas Baily, 35.

The U.N. recently formed a panel to study extraterrestrials, so it is odd that Denver would turn down a similar proposal. “There are aliens living amongst us and we must learn more about them so we can learn to live WITH them,” Peckman said.  “I’m afraid now.  We are now going to attack them – force them to leave Denver.  It’s going to be a bloody battle and humans are not going to win.”

Peckman said that he would rather be deported with the aliens than stay in Denver.

Be careful out there, Denver…. you have awakened the sleeping aliens!