I’m madder than a mongoose at a cobra convention! If those lie-berals hate Sarah Palin so much, how come they keep talking about her?

I heard how that computer thing called ‘the Puffy-Eyed Post’ is saying Sarah Palin plagiarized Newt Gingrich. First off, I had to look up what “plagiarized” was, and I was scared to find out, because knowing Newt, it meant Sarah was doing something dirty to him you gotta pay a hooker double for!

Boy, was I relieved when it turned out “plagiarized” just meant stealing someone’s words. They’re saying she copied parts of a speech he gave a few years ago. I think the mix up started because in her speech, Sarah shouted, “Screw political correctness” and that first word made everybody automatically think of Newt.

First of all, how can you steal words? Who owns them anyhow? The Webster family?

Second of all, I read the speeches and I don’t really see the big deal.  They both said Ronald Reagan was an inspiring leader who cared about freedom. Well, how many ways are there to say that, anyhow? Plus it’s true!

Third of all, Sarah Palin doesn’t have to steal anybody’s words. She’s one smart cookie and nobody’s fool! I don’t believe she’d ever steal
anything: words, taxpayer money, fancy clothes – nothing.

Shoot stuff? Sure. Steal stuff? No!

Besides, that Puffy-Eyed Post is run by some foreigner, so you can’t believe what’s in it.

Sarah Palin is our Alaskan Angel! Everybody needs to leave her alone so she can get all rested up and run for President in a few years time.

Only Sarah Palin can save us from the evils of the Teleprompter Kid and the Hair Club Vice President!

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  1. In addition to which Sarah gave credit to Newt several times in the speech. Gotta say i love Sarah too, but I won't vote for her cause I live in Alberta. It would sure be wonderful to see her run in 2012.

  2. Ed is mad as a mongoose all right. According to him, Sarah Palin "is one smart cookie and nobody’s fool!".

    Ed, Ed… she cost us the last Presidential election. She was one of the dumbest candidates we've ever run for national office, became a laughingstock for her ill-educated comments on virtually every topic, and allowed herself to be filmed being certified "witch free" by a 'pastor' from Africa. It didn't help to have her husband once belong to the Alaska secessionist movement.

    One more 'smart cookie' like Sarah Palin and we're out of it for another generation. Think again, Ed. Joan Rivers makes more sense than you do.

  3. trent, trent,……John McLame lost the election not Sarah. It is because of Sarah that the Republicans got 58 million votes not enought to win but a hell of a lot more than McLame would have received with a different VP choice. SARAH…….2012
    trent, you need to go back home to the PUFFY EYED POST!!!

    • Hey Deejay: Nice try, but no apple. Sen McCain is a genuine war hero. His personal courage is unmatched, and his personal candor equally unique and admirable. Your attacks on him suggest that you are actually a Democrat.

      Your support of Mrs Palin, a genuine American dunce, also suggests you are really a Democrat. Why? Because only the Dems stand to gain if we run such a nitwit again. Even Newt recognizes her limitations, and has the guts to say so publicly.

      If you really support our Alaska Goose, we just have to suspect your motives, DJ. It would be like running Paris Hilton: all looks, no brains.

  4. Why does everyone keep saying that Todd Palin's belonging to a pro-secessionist party is a bad thing? Everyone with an ounce of sense is considering seceding from the grasping, tyrannical, oppressive, bankrupt, socialist Federal government.

    If you are not considering seceding, either you are not very smart, or you aspire to be part of the problem, in which case you can keep your bad debts and fake money to yourself. We choose freedom!

    Live free or die!

    Sarah and Todd 2012 and forever!

  5. Sarah Palin did not lose "us" the election. Mr. Obama did and I'll tell you how in one word, marketing. He knew he didn't have to win over the much needed Hispanic vote because he wanted to give them what they want – entitlements. Aside from being "black" he didn't have to sway those black voters because, again, he would grant them more entitlements. Mr. Obama needed the swing voters. He successfully rounded them up via marketing. Go to his website and ask yourself, why is their a my Obama page? It's for children, hmmm, curious that.The why is for those undecided and their children being in public schools – whose soul purpose is to indoctrinate our youth toward the Democratic movement. Don't believe me? Ask yourself this, why are kindergartners being taught sexuality? The only thing kids need worry about is recess, nap time and finger painting.

    Voting is a privilege not a Constitutional Right and I wholeheartedly believe that one should have to pass a test before casting a vote.

    In summary, Sarah Palin did not lose "us" the election, ignorance did. The USA can now take its place next to Mexico as a third world nation.

  6. Oh my god, i've never read such a bunch of stupid comments before. I hope for all of us our country has some smarter personalities, or i'm really worried about our future.

  7. i think its kind of pointless to debate about something that will never be changed from the current situation. Obama and Biden won. and ed- its a natural human reaction to talk about people you hate with other people, they just love seeing them get bugged by it. maybe you're being more aggravated by it than sarah is. And yes, obama did lose the election for the republicans, but big whoop. i really don't think there's much obama could do worse than bush already has: putting the US trillions of dollars in debt and leaving office with the economy in shambles. but i'll admit that if he did, someone would most likely immediately jump to his defense that there was little chance of recovery anyway and he was just walking into office so he could watch the US go through an even worse crisis from a better political perspective. and smith- you say obama only won because he was black and he got the rest of the votes to go his way by marketing, but that's just a strategy that was probably executed much better by him than mccain.


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