Right about now, Ted Kennedy’s in hell, and he’s madder than Michael J. Fox playing freeze tag!
That Scott Brown guys won Teddy’s old seat last night – although I don’t know why you’d want to win a hundred pounds of pasty white flab!
That stupid commie pinko woman lost, and lost big! Maybe the people in that loony left state are finally thinking straight after all these years.
I guess they couldn’t get enough dead Democrats out to the polls last night! They should’ve got some Haitian refugees to do their zombie voodoo and bring ‘em back to life!
Mrs. Anger’s happy as a clam, because she says now she’ll get to see Scott Brown on TV for the next couple of years. She might start letting me watch the news again instead of changing the channel to “Judge Judy”!
I hear that Barney Frank guy is happy for the same reason – but he’s trying to keep that a secret.
Me, I’m just glad to see the country turning around and getting its mind right.
This is the first step to getting rid of the Communist-in-Chief and the Hair Club for Men Vice-President! We’re gonna have Tea Parties from sea to sea, dumping Lipton’s into the oceans if we have to – and to hell with those greenie tofu-munching hippies if they think that’s “pollution”!
Scott Brown is the only thing standing in the way of the Teleprompter Kid’s master plan to communize these United States of America!
Look out, Washington! Scott Brown is driving down there in his Government Motors truck, and he’s about to kick all your butts to Kingdom Come!
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3 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: "GAS UP THE TRUCK!"”

  1. The question now is . Who will Caesar Obama lash out at now, that his will has been thwarted?
    This guy is not known as a good loser.


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