I’m madder than Ted Kennedy in an XS coffin!
How can those Massachusetts idiots even be thinking about voting for that stupid liberal woman, Martha Coakley? It’s obvious that Scott Brown fellow is the guy they need!
Look at the facts: he’s worn the uniform of his country. She hasn’t. He knows something about baseball. She doesn’t.  He knows how to spell “Massachusetts.” She doesn’t.
Hell, even one of the Kennedy’s didn’t get her name right in a speech last night! You better believe they NEVER forget Scott Brown’s name – cuz after Tuesday, they’ll be cursing it more than ever!
Anyway, you can’t blame a Kennedy boy for forgetting a woman’s name. Hell, they forgot a whole broad in a lake once, remember?
Yep, that Mary Jo Kopechne is one chick whose name the Kennedy’s never forget!
And since dead people get the vote in Massachusetts, I say they let Mary Jo cast a ballot. Gee, do you think she’s still a registered Democrat??
They sure give dead people lots of power in that state. Dead people are like the Miami Cubans of Massachusetts!
One of Coakley’s ads blamed dead people in the World Trade Center for the bad economy or something! I’ve heard my share of weird conspiracy theories, but who knew Wall Street was controlled by 3000 ghosts from nine years ago, from a building that’s not there anymore?
And they say Glenn Beck’s the crazy one!
Anyhow, I hope that Scott Brown fellow wins and finally gets that commie place back on track. With the Kennedys back to bootlegging, gals in the state won’t get a busy signal for the rape crisis hotline anymore!

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