MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Brett Favre added an interesting new dance to his post-game celebrations!
Favre’s team, the Minnesota Vikings, trounced the Dallas Cowboys yesterday with a 34-3 win. They are now on there way to the NFC Championship game for the first time in nine years.
Viking’s newest addition, quarterback Brett Favre, made four touchdown passes for the team, and decided to celebrate with a new song that’s sweeping the nation!

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  1. This song is going to set off a huge trend in US society. After all, who wants to be that guy walking down the street with your pants sagging down and then hear someone yell out “Lookin like a fool wit yo pants on the ground”.
    What needs to happen and WILL happen.
    1. General Larry Platt with record the song.
    2. He will have a video for the song where he takes kids off the streets and makes them go belt shopping. The kids will buy the biggest thickest belts at the store and a belt buckle with the most bling bling.
    3. Society will follow and the trend for 2010 – 2011 will be young guys wearing thick belts with bling bling.
    4. Jean makers will see the trend and will start to design jeans that have larger belt loops so people can wear thicker belts.
    5. All the stores will have racks upon racks of thick belts and faux bling bling buckles.
    The general will be the cause of the biggest trend for the next few years and people will begin to forget that American Idol and General Larry Platt were responsible.


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