I’m madder than the catcher at a javelin meet!
So the Communist-in-Chief and Okra Winfred flew to one of those foreign country we saved from the Krauts, to ask the Europes to let Chicago have the Olympics.
First off, the Olympics are crap. They’re supposed to help world peace, but there’ve been MORE wars since the Olympics started. You can look it up!
(Same thing for global warming: if it really is true that the earth is one degree warmer now than a hundred years ago, and the Olympics started up a hundred years ago – you do the math! Can you prove there’s no connection? Take that, tofu-suckers!)
But if we have to have Olympics, let them come to Chicago. They can add all kinds of new games. Instead of the javelin throw, they can have the railroad tie throw, where you have to aim for an honor student’s head.
Or instead of the marathon, you can have the Running of the Crooks, like Blago! And put Bill Ayers in charge of the fireworks!
Speaking of students: the Teleprompter Kid wants to take away summer vacation and make kids go to school year round. He’s right about that: when was the last time your kid got out of bed before 2 o’clock, let alone went out to pick crops in the fields?
Only trouble is: the more time your kids spend in school, the more brainwashing they’ll get. Every day on the computer machine I see a new video of kids singing about Obama like he’s Jesus, except you can’t sing about Jesus in school anyhow!
Also they might become honor students if they study to much, and these days, that can kill you!

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