WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Trent Franks called President Obama “an enemy of humanity” this weekend.  Franks declared that he feels Obama is an evil cyborg from the future.
“We shouldn’t be shocked at what he has done.  He is, after all, an evil robot sent from the future to destroy humanity.”  These were the words of Trent Franks this Saturday at a “How to Take Back America” conference.  The crowd applauded wildly as he continued “I’m not speaking in metaphor, this is not a simile.  It is my belief that President Obama is an evil robot.”
Franks went on to describe his vision, where President Obama is a cybernetic organism sent from the future to undermine humanity.  It is Franks’ belief that in the distant future ACORN, a liberal fascist corporation, sends back Obama to ready the world for their takeover. Their strategy is to undermine the highest pinnacle of civilization and God-fearing people, America.  “That’s why he doesn’t have a birth certificate!  He was never born!”
“His first act as President of any consequence, in the middle of a financial meltdown, was to send taxpayers’ money to pay for the killing of unborn children in other countries!  What they didn’t tell you was that he did the killing himself!  Obama killed babies!  How could anyone not see the image of God in these little human beings? Because he is an evil robot bent on world domination!”
Trent Franks described how he is working with his minister and a private contractor to create an underground compound in Arizona. “This will be a safe place for the last True Believers, when the liberals have had their way.  There will be food, fresh water, and no gay marriage.”
The assembled crowd clapped hysterically at the Arizona Congressman’s words.  When leaving guests and supporters said things like “It’s the only answer that makes sense.”  “That explains how he came to power so quickly.”  “At first I thought his financial policies were insane. But he’s Trying to destroy America, that’s just evil.”
A petition was being passed around, already with thousands of signatures, asking for a law that would require the President to prove that he is not an evil robot before taking office.  “Why wouldn’t he pass the law,” one woman said “unless he has something to hide.”

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  1. … Think about it ladies & gentlemen ! Who had flying saucers ! Germany; and they were called: Foo Fighters ! This is a fact ! They were spotted flying over London during Air Raids ! duh…. My point is: Where do you think the technology that we have & are currently updating and perfecting came from ? It came from: Nazi, Germany ! Adolf & his handful of scientists(demons) were working on creating the "PERFECT" nation. The perfect people(cybernetic- robots)… They killed off the unicorns(which were in the equine family but resemble the rhinosaurus)… It is a FACT ! winston Churchhill & the good 'ol U.S. of A knew what was in Adolf's deck of cards & they could'nt have that & so… World War 1 & World War 2 thus began ! A saucer crashes in Roswell, New Mexico ? It was a Foo Fighter that they took from Nazi, Germany… ! American Pilots were'nt sure how to control it & so the pilots crashed the saucer. The government jumped up & ran to the scene ASAP ! What media there was, is now in the Governments Archive !

  2. … & why do they hide this… because you idiots ! If Nazi, Germany was'nt in good hands w/ the advanced technolgy… & the citizens of the U.S. knew we aquired Nazi, Germany's Advance Technologies & ideas for centuries to come… Then how the hell does this make America or London any better than the people we took it from ? The answer is: IT DOES'NT ! We found our "foutain of youth" when we decided to "kill & yet steal" Nazi, Germany's Advanced Research Ideas, Projects, and Scientist ! Now, we are all doomed ! Because we are living in a time of "inevitable value & infinite evil" !

  3. … "All 'hope' is indeed lost" … Oh, byu the way- It's called a television, a microwave, a dish washer, a computer, a video game, a cell phone, a bluetooth, txt messaging, EMAIL… ! ! ! All of these things have kept people BUSY ! No more asking questions ! If you need to complain ! Just BLOG it ! Or send it in an email ! While the government knows that you all are being pre-occupied w/ your stupid little gadgets- They're busy building an EMPIRE w/ WALLS, DOORS, AND CAGES….. Walk straight & erect homosapien or you'll find yourself locked up in a cell for flipping the bird(1st Amendment protection)… Wow ! The government sure did fool us ! They fooled your generation, their generation, my generation & they're working on fooling the next generation & the one after that ! Go to school for Bio-technologies because "it pays swell"…. "Help us help you destroy your future"… Join the Army & we will give you a $10,000 sign on bonus + we'll even pay for your college ! Because we know that you won't live long

  4. …. It's not about division ladies & gentlemen. It's not about being a Republican or Democrat. This is what they want you to think it's about. In fact, they love a fued. Fueding generates crime. Crime generates prisoners. Prisons are a multi-million dollar industry. This 'trickery' goes on and on and on… Godly beings don't trick people, do they? No. The devil, lucifer, beezlebub, astaroth or what ever you choose to call it. Trickery are signs of the 'devil' at play. TRUTH. Once upon a time long ago…. There was: "1776", The Declaration of Independence. Do you all know what happened 6 years later ? You don't do you ! … I'll tell you: 1782 happened ! The treaty of 1782 ! Yep ! Now, we owe ENGLAND BIG TIME ! We are still paying The English Muts ! Hence: Wage Slave…. Taxes !


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