I’m madder than a caveman who’s allergic to dinosaurs!Obama’s cult followers aren’t satisfied at getting him elected. Now they want it illegal to criticize him!
Some bunch of professional whiners (I mean, “community organizers”) are getting big corporations to pull their ads off the Glenn Beck TV show.
Now I’ve said it before: I’m pretty mad at Glenn Beck getting rich imitating ME, the great Ed Anger. It’s bad enough he cries like a baby with a boil on its butt, but he belongs to some crazy pretend religion with its own magic underwear.
Glenn Beck’s got so many crazy theories about what’s wrong with America, I’m surprised he hasn’t started doing his show from a high up window ledge.
But this is still a more or less free country, so he has a right to say all the nutty stuff he wants!
Funny thing: the same lefties who think giant, all powerful corporations run the world can get those same corporations to jump to their tune — just by sending them a couple of angry letters!
I also like how these lefties always boycott companies they don’t even use in the first place! If poor people can’t afford insurance anyhow, how can they “boycott” Progressive and Geico?! And everybody knows poor people eat government cheese, not Sargento!
So now only two commercials run on Glenn Beck: jailbird G. Gordon Liddy telling you to buy gold — then another guy who probably SHOULD be in jail, telling you to mail in the gold you just bought!
It’s enough to start Glenn Beck drinking again, and if that happens, I don’t think this great nation will survive!
So start writing your own angry letters, America, and tell Geico where they can stick that little green lizard!


  1. beck has always been crazy but he kinda lost it when he moved from cnn may be for him it was moving up the ladder , after that screaming session on radio talk show and then his recent shows on the tele i feel he has lost it completely .Being patriotic and feeling strongly or opposing any thing is the right of every citizen but 2 behave in a crazy way well


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