LOS ANGELES, CA – Heidi Montag posed nude for Playboy magazine.  In her interview she discusses how she reconciles this with her Christian ideals.
“Well, like, Jesus came down to show everyone how good we should be.  And like, that’s what I do.  I show people a life that’s so much better than anything they have.
“You know, because lots of peoples lives are sad and lame.  But then there I am on the cover of Playboy and they see how awesome the world can be.  Like Jesus some people are just inherently better than everybody else.  And those of us that have been blessed have to set an example so everyone else can have something to look up to.  So they know there’s people hotter than anyone in their small town.  So they have someone to follow in magazines.  I think that’s what Christ would want.  If Jesus were alive today, I think he’d be on The Hills.
Seated beside her during the interview was her husband Spencer Pratt.  During her interview he rarely looked up, instead checking his 4 personal electronic devices to look at facebook, play online games, look at porn, and twitter about doing all of the above at the same time.  Not to be outdone Heidi acquired 6 personal electronic devices, which she checked continuously throughout the interview.
“Before the shoot started I made the whole photo crew stop and say a prayer.”
“You mean grace, ’cause you’re a feast for the eyes.”
“Oh Spence.”
The two proceeded to fist bump, then kiss, then make out for the next five minutes.
“Yeah, so we said a prayer before starting ’cause I wanted to be up front with Jesus on what we were doing.  Like all my career moves, I talk to Jesus about it first.  And I really think He was there with us on the photo shoot.”
“Even Jesus thinks you’re hot.”
The two proceeded to fist bump, make out, and get to second base while the interviewers waited for them to finish.
“My family doesn’t know about the photo shoot yet, but when they do I think they’ll be proud of me for trying to set a good Christian example.  I do what I do, and some people don’t like it but millions love me.  And that makes me like Jesus.”

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  1. You have got to be kidding me!! Way to act like a christian!! You are a disgrace with the crown of thrones on your head!! You make me sick, you money grubbing whore!!

    • Judge not lest ye be judged…but I do have to judge it very funny!! I let my guy get Playboy, guys are just visual candy beasts and must peruse the porn to spice it up after 10 years together. So if people want to look at her jugs and she's making money doing it, I just wish I was pretty enough to make money just by laying naked on a bed!! I have to work too hard!! Dang!!

  2. This is no different than Christians that say Thou Shalt Not Kill but support the death penalty and carry guns, I mean, realism aside, and you got to put it aside when talking about Religion, the rules of the lord have always been flexible cause I get the feeling deep down inside all Christians know its a load of crap, kind of like when you were five and didn't really want to believe there was no Santa Claus but you just flat out knew anyways. In these times, money is the real god and here is one more bit of proof with this lady.

    • Hey dur guest…really? There IS a Santa Claus, an Easter Bunny, fairies, wizards, dragons, unicorns, aliens and anything else magical, whimsical and lovely in my life, yours must be really sad and lame just like Heidi said, bummer dude. She's super pretty and if I was, I'd LOVE to get paid JUST to be pretty or to lay on a bed naked and have people worship me. In my job I get yelled at and am not appreciated, in her job, she's a freakin' goddess man!

    • Wow, really? I'll give you the fact that she's made a lot of money doing nothing but seriously? She's comparing herself to Jesus. If she's anything like Jesus, I'm converting to Judaism. If Jesus were here today, he wouldn't be on the hills, he'd be too busy trying to find a way to spite the both of them. And honestly, I don't think she's that pretty. Compared to most celebrities or even the girls on the hills, she's just sub-par. She's a completely fake person, that pretends to be Christian to better her own personal image.

    • Christian, Schmistian…it's all about the here and now…live life to the fullest!! I still say if I could have a job like that where people talked about me 24/7 just because of how DUMB I was WOW…awesome!! I think in this particular story she's comparing herself but in the actual Playboy article it's not that way…LOL…don't be afraid, go on, get one…check it out for yourself. But some people here let me know what's wrong with the gene pool…there aren't any lifeguards so anyone can dive in!!

    • Plus, who portends to know the mind of God? Maybe the omniscient isn't ashamed of flesh? Didn't God create man and woman? So why would he be taken aback with a big gasp of "OH MY ME!! I totally can't believe that's one of my own creations" LOL…to me God is the has the most wonderful sense of humor…ever see a duckbilled platypus? Ever look in the mirror? C'mon! You KNOW you have and you KNOW it's hilarious!! Join the party dude–personally, I'd rather laugh with the sinners and cry with the saints…the sinners are much more fun!!

    • You know the bible is an edited work?! So the people who edited were pretty uptight dudes that didn't know what to do with their tongues but wag them…so take a load off, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…life is a blast…if only you let it be…and I am SO sorry you lost the magic somewhere along the line.

    • LOL….whatever dawn…Christianity IS a HUGE load of crap…it's an edited book created by a bunch of old farts in like the 3rd century for Pete's sake! Do some research ABOUT the book. But you're probably jealous of her too…God knows I am…I would like a job where I didn't have to work all week for $200 and then get a 50% tax shoved on me YES I said 50% – I've mentioned many a-time on here that if anyone wants I can send them the actual paperwork that proves it. At least Heidi is getting paid and having a good life! Christians, in my opinion, are a bunch of pent up A-holes that need to get laid once in awhile and then sit down, shut up and quit telling the rest of us how to live.

  3. Actually she's really smart, when's the last time you made $50,000 or more just laying on a bed naked? Me? I'd LOVE to do THAT job!! It would be WAY easier than mine!! She's pretty and plays dumb but is probably one of the smartest women I know. She could teach the rest of us ladies a thing or two…do remember that we get more flies with honey than with vinegar! Stop being so sour Nikkie it'll only make you lonely as the last pickle in the jar.

    • Ahem…'Christian' people do that on TV EVERY DAY people…they're called TV evangelists! Sheesh…what a double standard…just because it's a GUY wearing a SUIT instead of a naked chick…it's the same thing!! LOL…you're so deluded.

  4. Wow! First that ridiculous video you and Spencer put out now this! Could she get any more dumb! Well I thought she was pretty till she opened her mouth. She talks highly of herself but it sure seems shes trying to prove something! Keep lying to yourself Heidi. I bet Lauren is either laughing her ass off or ashamed she was once friends with you…. I mean wow! Really?

  5. This is totally blasphemous! Um, Heidi if Jesus were around he'd be shaking his head at you and that loser you're married to just like the rest of the world!

  6. I'm telling you people we HAVE this Playboy issue: A–She never said ANY of this and B–she's NOT wearing a thorny crown in the pix!! You must realize this is a joke mag like MAD Magazine and they're doing a parody this is NOT real…sheesh…but she is in Playboy and despite your madness I STILL believe she's smart and funny…one thing she ACTUALLY said in her Playboy interview was, "If other women don't hate you, you're doing something wrong"…ha ha true!!

  7. LOL omg this is getting worse and worse, is she serious? she laughs because people call her fake, who in their right mind says they know they are better than everyone and thinks jesus would like that kind of attitude, i want to see Playboy's sales from the august issue of her playboy, i guarantee it did not boost sales one cent.
    speidi needs to seriously take a minute to read these comments, they have a huge awakening coming, the longer they stick around and the more lies that come out of their mouth and the more idiotic they prove they are, are loosing more and more fans by the minute. i used to love heidi and i am honestly in shock at how delusional she has become, how dare she say shes better than anyone who is not on playboy. NEWS FLASH, YOU SAY YOU AREN'T INTO PORN, WELL PLAYBOY IS A PORN MAGAZINE!! playboy was never art, it was for men to jack off to, GET REAL! the hills will soon be over for good and they will be lame, bloodsucking, has-beens.
    everyone hates you fools, and if your 15 cell phones are always blowin up, its because the haters want a piece of the fame and action, NOT a piece of you personally speidi.

    • Um yeah ashley…that's what she said in Playboy…that if women (like you) didn't hate her, she's doing something wrong. Judging by the reactions here, she must be doing stuff really right! I still say I'd LOVE to make $50,000 or more by people taking pix of my birthday suit! You're also very dumb, Ashley…..in the actual article….in Playboy…she doesn't say ANY of this…buy a copy or go leaf through one at the liquor store….you'll be enlightened….WWN is a satirical magazine….kind of like MAD Magazine….and so you should take the stories with a grain of salt and read the souce material they say it comes from….you'll see no crown of thorns or any mention of God or Christianity in the actual article. I know, I read it with my husband the night before last just to be sure. I KNEW it was classier than Hustler and it is.

  8. hahahah she did say in the issue she laughs at people who call her fake… and she says god created the body and shes proud of it…. WELL FYI maybe theres a small chance she forgot she had a nose job, AND a boob job, tell me how those implants in your breasts ARENT fake? god created a nose that you changed, and your a proud christian? she's the biggest hypocritical wannabe. she truly IS delusional if she thinks god would want the world to embrace the world of playboy, what a mf'ing JOKE.

    • She said she laughs at people that call her and her husband's relationship fake, she did say she's proud of her body but it doesn't say 'God' anywhere in the article. No where does it say she's a 'proud Christian' I think you need to put down your lotion and left hand when you're reading the article, if that IS what you were doing, so you can see what it ACTUALLY said. This is the trouble in America these days, people read 2 sentences and make up the rest!

  9. "Millions like me and that makes me like Jesus". Well are you still gonna like Jesus when those boobs and butt and everything else goes down south, and dont have your( beauty )you call any more? You can only do so many plastic surgery's. Everyone need to wear hip boots, the crap is very deep around her.

  10. She is very pretty, but I don't think her references to Jesus are quite appropriate in this context. As far as the references to Santa Clause, I chose to believe. At the end of the day if I was wrong, all I can say is that I tried to live my life by a code of ethics that never hurt another person and in many cases acted in charity to help others. I hope you can say the same about your life and the disrespect you have for others and what they believe. (dur guest)


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