ST. LOUIS, MO -After President Obama’s first pitch at an All-Stars baseball game, citizens were up in arms over… his jeans?
Most public figures are ridiculed after pitching at a baseball game for their bad stance or weak throw. But President Obama was met with an entirely new kind of criticism, over his choice of jeans.
That frumpy, awkwardly fitted look? It’s known as “mom jeans”, as in jeans that unsexy middle-aged mothers wear. The stereotype is usually a too-high waistband, too-tight backside and tapered to the ankle.
Is Obama the perpetrator of such a fashion crime? CNN has more:
[cnn-video vid=/video/offbeat/2009/07/15/moos.obama.mom.jeans.cnn]
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20 thoughts on “OBAMA MOM JEANS”

  1. I understand that more than 6.5 billion people are on this earth and my question is who is the expert that dictates how people should dress? I'm certain that President Obama felt very comfortable in his jeans and he should be able to wear whatever he wants, without outside criticism.

  2. AWWWWW!!!!
    scary mom jeans lol…
    goin anywhere he shud dress better…he is the president/ not sayin a suit but…well idk ntin that can get him teased lol…lol i rly dnt see ntin wrong…lol u shud rly only tease him if hes wearing somtin rly bad…like a thong lol

  3. And what would people say if he showed up wearing a pair of Dolce and Gabbana jeans? That he's too concerned with fashion? That he's out of touch with middle America? That he's elitist?
    He was appropriately dressed for a ball game. Leave him alone….

  4. i'm sorry, but these people are effing morons. you're right. let's give a crap about this…healthcare is solved, the wars have ended, no one is hungry in this country. what else could we possibly have to care about?


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