Weekly World News brings you perhaps the frumpiest woman in this holy feature on lesser known saints.
For this installment, we bring you:

St. Chenille Velour
Our Lady of Frumpy Christmas Sweaters

Saint Chenille Velour lived in Chicago in the 1950s.  Hoping to help the homeless brave another harsh winter she asked her parish to donate any spare yarn they may have.  Chenille was dismayed the following week to discover only 4 balls of yarn had been donated.
Saying a prayer, she asked God to help her make as many sweaters as possible, all in his name.  She began knitting joyful Christmas sweaters from the 4 balls, but to her amazement she never ran out of yarn.  For 40 days and 40 nights she stayed isolated in her room knitting festive reindeers and snowmen to help the cities downtrodden.  When she finally came from her room, her hands were said to still be glowing from the touch of God.
Saint Chenille is the patron saint of Christmas Sweaters, appliqué, and DIY crafts.

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