WASHINGTON, DC – After her husband’s first fashion faux pas, First Lady Michelle Obama has apparently committed her own.
Bloggers and news pundits alike are discussing Michelle’s outfit after she dressed down during a recent family vacation.
This was how she was photographed exiting Air Force One after returning from the Grand Canyon:
Her supposed faux-pas as First Lady follows not long after President Obama was criticized for wearing “mom jeans” at a baseball game.
Should this be such a big deal? Michelle was on a family vacation, not official business, and spending time in a very hot area of the United States.
Or should she be expected to represent the White House at all times, regardless of the circumstances?


  1. To me the shorts are not the problem, it's that dang tank top. She need to try wearing a strapless bra to put her breast in the correct position and cover up her nipples, for God's sake. Casual or not..all class does not have to go out the window. I'm a black women with the same pear shape as Michelle. Being pear shaped with a small bust does not negate the need for me to wear a bra.

    • Anything better to worry about? This lady represents our country and she is getting off a national aircraft and has on short shorts??? and forget about the rest of her outfit. She needs to have a little respect for this country and what she represents, forget about having some self respect, that is apparently out the window

  2. I totally agree with you. The time has come that a black family is in the White House, get over it and stop criticizing everything that they do. They didn't put this country in the mess we are in, they inherited it and are trying to fix it. Only in this country can you feel so free to talk about the president no matter what color he or she is.

  3. Actually, that outfit is a vast improvement over that black widow spider <a href="http://(http://www.examiner.com/fashion-style-in-washington-dc/the-style-evolution-of-michelle-obama)looking” target=”_blank”>(http://www.examiner.com/fashion-style-in-washington-dc/the-style-evolution-of-michelle-obama)looking thing she wore during the campaign.
    I have never seen a First Lady really dressed down until this….maybe slacks and a nice shirt, but those do look like my housecleaning clothes.
    We all know elegance is passe in this country. We no longer wear our heels and gloves when we fly so I guess this is no different.
    But even those of you who adore Michelle Obama have to admit…you cannot get any more dressed down than this. Honestly, I would not go to Walmart looking like that, but I am a grandma who is way behind the times.

  4. I am not an Obama supporter, however I will give credit where credit is due and base my opinions of a person on their decisions and character. MIichelle Obama's shorts aren't too short. She is tall and long legged. I'm short, 5 foot ,and if I had these same shorts on they would go to my knee caps. She has every right to dress casual during her vacation within reason and this outfit is reasonable.

  5. Send her Jillian Michaels Metablolism book/cd – she needs it and just because she's the first lady, doesn't mean she can show how fat she really is…cover up & put on the expensive stuff – they hide the fat much better.

  6. Am I the only one who notices the elder daughter rushes past her father leaving AF One? I have seen ts several times leaving the pople who are posed to greet the president only to have this rude child present herself. She should be taught to be polite to her father and more important she should not rush past the president.
    There is a certain image a first lady show have – these short shorts are ghetto….and she also looks sloppy.

  7. Think back to all the first ladies ending with Jackie Kennedy – not one of them ever appeared as sloppy as this one. Let people alone and let them live? She is the person who is trying to interject herself into the eating habits of the nation – and she is the one who flipped off on a million dollar vacaton costing this government a fortune – when he tells us to hang in there do to unemploymnt or lack of mony – they are both a disaster.

  8. Amanda go back to school so you can learn proper english; after all Obama wants all us taxpayers to pay for all the freebies for all the people that won't work. As far as the way the first lady looks she cant help it if she has no class…She needed to take lessons and study all the other first ladies.Those ladies had CLASS. Michelle has how many people trying to make her look better. Laura Bush had 3 total. Gee what is wrong with this picture? If they can't handle our money what does that tell you? Funny they are multi millionaires but can't balance our budget?

    • ok Janie…laura bush had 3 stylist and that still didnt help her look any better and she didnt have class neither did her mother-in- law . The budget problems happened when the republicans were in charge….The last time the budget was in order was when Clinton was in office. And both bushes messed up the budget. now Obama like Clinton has to sraighten things out. and it took Clinton 8 yrs. Then your last president the dumbest president in the history of the U.S., and then cheated his way into the white house to begin with, really messed things up….it is going to take Obama some time to fix what bush messed up. It amazes me how people criticize every little thing he does, and I cant help but to think its because he is black. Thank God after 8 yrs of stupidity, not to mention a war that is unneccesary, we finally have a smart man in office…that happens to be black. AMEN!!!!!

  9. Michelle Obama needs to start traveling like she is the first lady. This outfit is not something the wife of the leader of our country should have on. Set on example!

  10. Michelle in short shorts and Barrack trying to get his face on the new currency. These guys are out of control. Hopefully Ed Anger takes over for Larry King and lets the US citizens know how crazy this president is getting

  11. If the question is "was she on vacation" the answer is definitely yes. What else could the excuse be to look like this stepping off of a plane as the first lady to the leader of the free world

  12. The first thing I noticed was that she's wearing tennis shoes. They look perfectly comfortable to me, and it is her choice, so why is everyone hammering her about it?

  13. Wow the last statement is one of the worst and racist comments i've ever heard. SO are you saying that white people are THE ONLY people that contribute to the well being of our economy because that's what it sounds like?

  14. fat? Call me racist or whatever you want but cleary you are commenting as a white woman. Michelle Obama is in NOWHERE NEAR FAT! Your comment is inappropriate. Im sure your definition of fat is being over a size 4. SMDH The vanity of America is ridiculus.

  15. I'll wear shorts like that if I was on vacation. Whether it was the First Lady or any other woman, it was suitable for the occasion.

    • yeah they thought dressing appropriately is like wearing formal dress all the time, it means u just have to wear what's appopriate in that place

  16. Short shorts? Those aren't short shorts!
    just ask any other relic of the 70's. 🙂
    ( or just check out the 1980 Nair shorts shorts commercial. )
    Bummer, ya had me going there for a minute!
    (but then, don't you always… 😉

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  19. she has no class. and I have to pay for my own family vacation. Should she be spending my tax dollars on hers, riding in airforce one?

    • argue maturely. she can and will never have an interest of arousing another creature called man aprt from her only one Obama. Sorry man u got wrong

  20. I cant believe she would let herself be photographed in such piss poor attire.And she is not even
    carrying a purse…talk about sloppy !

    • when shall people stop being Ancient ? come on such thinking was for the past generation, we are [past the stone age man. i happen to be a Ugandan citizen, so deep a country in Africa but we liked her attire and style. Go lady. ignore the ancient beliefs. note that being a first lady doesnt make her a prisoner of her style. style up please.

  21. Just as one cannot climb up the coconut tree wearing soiled underwear,one cannot wear such
    atrocious rags when enjoying a lease at the whitehouse.

  22. She is not wearing short-shorts! Her butt or pockets are not hanging out, so why is everyone making this a huge deal? Teenage girls and sometimes even parents wear shorter shorts than these, so stop acting like she's done something wrong! Her shorts look close enough to her knees then some people's shorts… Leave her alone! Even if she was wearing too short of shorts, she's on vacation so it shouldn't matter anyways…


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