PHILADELPHIA, PA – Jon Gosselin returned to Pennsylvania this week from a vacation abroad.  He introduced his 8 children to his new fiancée whom he affectionately calls “whatshername?”
Jon Gosselin, recently divorced reality star, spent the past couple weeks vacationing with his new fiancée Hailey Glassman.  The two spent their time in Saint-Tropez, France, on the yacht of designer Christian Audigier.  Gosselin told reporters, “The whole time I was in the French Riviera, on a luxury yacht, surrounded by models, every 10 minutes I’d think about how much I miss my kids.  All 8 kids… I need a drink.”
The eight children have been tended to by their battalion of nannies.  For the past 2 months neither of the parents have looked after their children when there weren’t cameras present.
Gosselin was eagerly welcomed home by his many children.  He presented them all with Ed Hardy t-shirts to match his own.  Introducing them to Glassman, he said, “This is daddy’s new friend Hailey.  Hailey this is Audrey, and Jenny, and uh… don’t tell me…  Hey why don’t show how polite you are and introduce yourselves!”
After introductions they all went to the back yard where the children played.  Hailey took the opportunity to entertain the children by dancing on their tether-ball pole.  Watching his new fiancée Jon continued spiking his drink, saying, “Mmm, Daddy Likes.”
Shortly after Glassman left, Jon got on his motorcycle and went to get some cigarettes for three hours.
The children seem to be taking their parents separation perfectly in stride.  When asked how they felt about the transition all 8 children responded in unison, “Whatever.”

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  1. i love jon and kate!!!! i did before this and i will after this! he needs to go back to kate before he makes the biggest mistake of his life! that girl hailey or whatever is BIG tRouBLe! go back to kate jon, she loves you.

  2. Kate is a shrew, Jon is gutless, the kids are suffering the most. It's a tragedy. Look at those sad little faces in the photo on this article.

  3. You guys do realize that picture was photoshopped, right?
    I mean, it's not like anyone knows exactly how life was for them, just what was shown to us on TV. And honestly, who are we to choose sides on people we don't even know? For all we know, them staying together for the sake of the kids could have been more damaging (my parents are together but don't love each other, I can't have a serious relationship because I have never seen one).
    I think it's just bad for the kids because everyone is making a huge deal out of it. I mean, what if he had two kids and they got divorced? No one would be making a big deal about it. What if they weren't famous, still had eight kids and got divorced? I doubt they'd be on every single magazine cover in the store check out lines.
    It's just kind of like, whatever, they are getting divorced. If you're going to get all upset about one family, why not throw a fit about every parent that gets divorced.

  4. Hey Guys, don't get too upset……..one day he will have to answer to all these children why he left. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Sure Kate was tuff on him, did you ever think she had to be to get his assistance in taking care of that many children? I didn't like how she talked to him but then again it wasn't easy on any of them to take care of that many children. Sure a new relationship is fun in the beginning but when the newness wears off he has the person who caused a lot of the trouble in his life there to look at and and remember what he gave everything up for. Doesn't sound like a fair trade does it? What kind of a "woman" comes in and breaks ups a home? He is going to be so sorry………………..and he won't be able to go and get it back again!

  5. The only possible resolution to this is that Jon is A HUGE JERK!!!!!!!!! And for all of you who say Kate is rude, for your information she is just being a mom and she is my cousin so back the he** off!!!!!!!!!!!! Jon obviously made a total mistake and anyone who has failed to notcie that is completely blind! I just feel bad for the kids I mean their lives have barely started and it is already a mess and some of them probably dont even understand what is going on. I HAVE WATCHED EVERY JON AND KATE PLUS EIGHT EPISODE AND IT IS EASY TO TELL THAT HE HAS NEVER LOOKED HAPPY, don't regret it, look at Jon now his ears are pierced and his soon to be wife smokes, his life has totally turned upside down, he is eventually going to regret his terrible decision!!!!!!! THIS IS ONLY THE TRUTH! If you think otherwise then you will have to do some hard research to even find one reason to support Jon! Well I admire Kate for surviving this brutal time in her life, many of us would just fall apart but she continues to keep her kids happy and continue a some what normal life!

  6. "The eight children have been tended to by their battalion of nannies. For the past 2 months neither of the parents have looked after their children when there were not cameras present"

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