I’m madder than a giraffe with tonsillitis!
Those media morons are lying about the protestors at town hall meetings about health care!
That Nancy Pull-o-face said there were people carrying Nazi flags at one protest. Funny: if that was true, the picture would have been on the cover of the New York Times for three days straight. Maybe I missed it.
This is the same Nancy Pull-o-face who takes money from that American Gay Boy Lovers Association – and there’s plenty of proof for THAT!
Other idiots say the protesters are all being put together by the insurance companies. Right, not like those lie-beral protests from the last fifty years, paid for by everybody from the Rockefeller Foundation to the Teamsters to ACORN!
Hey, commie pinkos: unlike YOU people, WE don’t need a bribe to do our civic duty, or speak our minds in public, and we sure as hell don’t need to get “organized” by anybody. We’re not stupid sheep!
Last year, “dissent was patriotic!” Now that we’re doing it – that’s different. Pictures of Bush as a comic book bad guy? Good. Do the same with Obama and you’re a “racist” – that’s just the new word for “someone who questions my ideas”!
They call us zombies and Nazis, but who are the real zombies and Nazis? The ones trying to PREVENT their fellow citizens from asking questions in public meetings, because they’re so caught up in the cult of the Teleprompter Kid!
Now the White House wants us to squeal on anybody who says anything “fishy” about this health care scam.
So if you folks take a notion to dump a million pounds of dead fish on the White House front lawn, sign me up for one mackerel!


  1. They're probably just as concerned as I am about having to foot the bill for yet another hand out that benefits only certain people. My work offers no healthcare, I have a couple of pre-existing conditions and so even if I did get healthcare, it wouldn't cover the things for which I truly need medical / dental / optical care. At this point I'm in the middle of getting dental plates made, but the dentist found out I'm a cash payer with no insurance so the "final price" keeps getting higher and higher, they've just tacked on another $1,000+ to the $4,500+ I've already paid and there's no end in sight. I'm about to go and apply now for public aid as I have no other choice. If healthcare and/or insurance were more affordable and/or not so corrupt people wouldn't be up in arms about it and protesting this proposed 'universal' healthcare which is only, as usual, for others – I'll probably even be denied the public aid despite the fact that I made only $14,000 last year and stand to make only the same this year, why? Because I'm white, not a popular color at this time if you need help.

  2. It's idiots like you that this was referring to. Everyone has an opinion but only you liberal asshats seem to think you have the right to talk about. Shut up and go polish your boyfriends knob, everyone will be happier for it!

  3. What you said! Insurance is a scam, but it's a far better scam than a government run one. Health-care reform should consist of Tort reform, law suit caps and insurance over site. That's the only involvement we need from the government. Stop the stupid cash for clunkers insanity, suspend the TARP program. Disband all these stupid Czars. Slowly whittle down idiotic government entitlement programs including Medicare and Medicaid. Set forth the much needed exit strategy for Social Security and institute the fair tax and put in place of the 16th amendment. Mandatory term limits on these deadbeat Senators. All of this will clean up our governing body to be "for the people" as it was meant to be!


  5. Just wait until all those left wing zealots end up under gove't. controlled medical care and are denied their procedures or have to pay out the butt for someone elses treatment !! It will be interesting to see how they try to blame that on the Bush administration !! People hated Bush so bad they were willing to vote for nybody different , even if it was the WRONG CHOICE they voted anyway and the Democratic liberals knew this and that's how Obama ended up winning the election !! Now they just want to refuse to believe it and want to blam all their failures on the "right wingers" and the Republican Party when it was all the left leaning Democrats and Liberals that voted for CHANGE !! Well , now they have change and it isn't exactly what they were told it would be and most of the people they are complaining about at the town hall meetings are Democrats with brains enough to knwo they were lied to and are being played for a sucker and are heading towards socialism at a break neck pace and don't want any part of it !! How's all that touchy feely change thing working for ya'll now ??!!

  6. Yeah, Ed Anger, while obviously a humorous moniker, is demonstrating not lunacy but lucidity. Anyone sitting still for the Obamification of this country is the one who is out to lunch.

  7. Man, you are not alone. You are breaking my heart with your situation but it is to your intelligence and character that you see the project before us will have overwhelmingly negative results. Good luck. Your countrymen are with you if only because we are all in the same boat and it is leaking mightily.


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