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Ed Anger Endorses John McCain For President!

I’m madder than A-Rod’s wife at a day-long Madonna concert.  Can someone please explain to me why a Barack Obama presidency would be good for you and me?  Me?  I don’t get it.  I realize that Mr. McCain may not be the perfect candidate.  Hell, I don’t agree with Angry John on many issues.  But Mr. McCain has my vote and by the time you finish reading this, I expect he will have yours.
Now, let me clear up one point at the git-go.  I don’t give a hoot about the color of Mr. Obama’s skin. Although he stumped me when he pointed out that he wasn’t the same color as the presidents on our folding money. I’m looking at ol’ George Washington on a dollar bill – it’s all I have left in my wallet after gassing up my Ford F-450 – and he’s green, for God’s sake.  What the hell is Obama talking about?  If he meant I wouldn’t vote some little green guy from Mars, he got that right – and that’s about the only thing he’s gotten right so far.
Friends, back when my pappy was a boy, there was this thing called The Depression.  Some smart people believe that a man named Mr. Hoover royally f@*&ed things up back then by making people like my pappy’s pappy pay a lot more taxes to Uncle Sam when the country was already on its back flopping around like a possum full of buckshot.  Some other smart people believe that Mr. Obama has a lot of the same ideas as Mr. Hoover did back in the 1920s.  Best I can tell, I don’t want to be even poorer in four years than I am today.
Does anyone out there care about keeping our great country safe?  As my friend Jack Nicholson once said to me “Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Whose gonna do it? You? You, Mr. Obama?”
Me?  I want John on that wall.  I need him on that wall.
As for Mr. Obama’s recent European vacation and the fact that 200,000 whacky Germans showed up for his pep rally in Berlin, I say make Mr. Obama ambassador to Germany.  But for President of the good ol’ US and A, I am going to vote early and often for John McCain, a red-blooded American war hero.

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17 thoughts on “Ed Anger Endorses John McCain For President!”

  1. It sounds like some loony from Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s congregation got loose yesterday. Usually, I’d rather clean a catfish than respond to comments from some moron. I’m gonna make an exception here cause I never liked people who have a first name that could be used for both a girl and a boy. My momma used to say that some people use a lot of cuss words because they have a sh***y vocabulary. In this case, it seems to me that it also means that our boy/girl Adrian took the short bus to school. Even my mongrel dog knows that Herbert Hoover (the 1920’s equivalent of Obama) raised the highest tax rate from 25% to 63% and cut off trade with the entire world. Contrary to what Adrian thinks (and “thinks” is a strong word for Adrian), Hoover spent loads of money. However, like Obama would surely do if we let him, Hoover spent the money stupidly.
    And contrary to what our boy/girl Adrian thinks, NOBODY knows what Obama is about because the only track record Obama has is a track record of flip-flopping or being at Reverend Wright’s sermon when votes were being taken in the Senate.
    The Republicans, beginning with that greatest of American patriots Ronald Reagan, have helped make all Americans richer and they have done it an a fair way. Hell, women did better than men since Reagan. Black females have increased their income by 79% from 1980 to 2005. White females were up 74% and black makes up 34% (white males were only up 9%).
    My wife, God rest her soul, wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. But even she knew that FDR blasted Hoover for spending and taxing too much, increasing national debt, raising tariffs and blocking trade, as well as placing millions on the dole of the government. Look it up, dumbass.
    Nobody is arguing that FDR didn’t do a fine job during some of the darkest days of our great nation’s history. FDR was a great man. But to compare Obama to FDR is like comparing Britney Spears to Johnny Cash. Before you submit any more comments, go to the library. Or better yet, there’s this brand new computer service by the name of Google. You can type things into this service and it sends back answers to your questions. Google can’t help you from being stupid, but it can help you from sounding stupid. Either way friends, I’m not worried about her/his vote for Obama cancelling out my vote for McCain and the hotty Sarah Palin because Adrian probably can’t figure out how the voting machine works.

  2. Ed, You keep on keeping it real, Buddy. I watched the Democratic Convention and I can tell you, when Hillary was done with her speech, all the Democrats in the room looked like they'd just swallowed bad shellfish. They know they backed the wrong horse — Obama hasn't got the chops to be president. I'm no fan of Hillary, but dang if she didn't sound Presidential, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. Anyway, the Democrats will lose big time if they start attacking Sara and trying to paint McCain as too old. An inexperienced ivy-leaguer ought to know better than to take on an old soldier or a hockey-mom. I pity the fool!!!

  3. I love looking at the spray of Adrian's bowels on the ground after Ed's work there, but FDR gets far too much credit. There's likely very little he could have done to make the Depression any longer than he did, and we're still dealing with his messes 70 years down the road today.

  4. You go man. I am so sick about people treating the idea of obama like a baby. They are afraid to say anything bad about his policies and what not, that is unless they are so for McCain. It is about time people really stood up for what they believe in and not just what is popular…. as for obama supports why the hell are you reading a Nobama publication anyway??? Go read about how "wonderful" your candidate is. It is not like you will change my mind. Congrats on making yourself look stupid blogging and wasting your time…

  5. With the economy imploding, we need McCain in office so he can give much needed tax breaks to the rich. Obama has some crazy plan to actually raise taxes on people making more than a quarter of a million a year. I don't think America wants to face the tragedy of seeing Paris Hilton reduced to driving last year's Bentley.

  6. With the economy imploding, we need McCain in office so he can give much needed tax breaks to the rich.
    How can McCain change things when he is of the same party as Bush?

  7. Adrian, stay out of things you don't understand. WWII pulled us out of the Great Depression. Obama has no idea what hes doing. His plans are designed for failure. McCain isn't all that great either, but his plans actually make sense.

  8. Every other country wants Obama for President, that is why he has so many supporters world wide (not just Germany). I know Canada fully supports Obama. Another Bush? No thanks.

  9. Ed, Ed, Ed, back when you and I were columnists together (remember me, Dear Dotti), NEVER would you have posted such a stupid endorsement. Why don't you just admit McCain is in the background and PALIN is the idiot really running for President! Obatma is clearly the better choice.

  10. I believe McCain would have been the president to get done what needs to be done about Russia & Iran at this time in our history. What is just to difficult for me to understand is everyone must know that torture changes a person it damages your psyche, your spirit and your body, where do you get off on even having a prisoner of war involved in any part of congress you are really not thinking at all for a tortured victim often is programmed to do what the enemy wishes at a convenient time, sure i really believe in him it is that common sense tells me to wake up. I have.. He is damaged goods.. period.. No ands if's or buts about it, sorry for this had to share my pain..McCain..
    A troubled Vietnam vet~ jcm


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