President Obama announced that he will be using his teleprompter and the next town-hall style Presidential debate.
President Barack Obama said his preparation for the second presidential debate on Tuesday was “going great” as his aides promised a more “energetic” and “aggressive” performance.  He also reportedly said that – “just to be safe” – he will be bringing his teleprompter with him to his debate.
“It’s not fair to the President that he not have his teleprompter,” said a top White House aide.  “Mitt Romney never uses a teleprompter, which gives him a big advantage. So we are just leveling the playing field.”

CNN has agreed to allow the President to use his teleprompter.  Moderator Candy Crowley reportedly said, “The President looked bad at the first debate and anything we can do at this network to make the President look good… we will do.”
Contrary to reports that Mitt Romney was offered the opportunity to use a teleprompter, CNN told WWN, “Mitt Romney was never offered that opportunity.  He will NOT be allowed to use a teleprompter and if his people begin setting one up, we will take it down.”

Some political pundits feel that using the teleprompter at a town-hall style debate is a bad choice.  “The President’s advisers have their head in the mud.  They’re steering the wrong calf,” said former Clinton adviser, James Carville.  “That’s got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”
“Even though the President will be sitting on a stool and addressing citizens directly, he feels that he can give a much better response to the questions that CNN has picked for Obama to answer,” said the White House spokesman.

How will Obama know ahead of time what the questions will be?  “We made a deal with the White House and we are going to feed them the questions ahead of time, as long as we get an exclusive interview the President later this week.  It’s a fair trade,” said a CNN spokeswoman.
The next debate will be on Tuesday at Hofstra University on Long Island, with the final debate – which will be exclusively about foreign policy – on the following Monday in Florida.

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  1. Moderator Candy Crowley reportedly said, “The President looked bad at the first debate and anything we can do at this network to make the President look good… we will do.”

  2. The way I see it we should just give the debate to the president. He is so smart that he doe not need to attend the briefings that are held for him, just play golf,basketball , associate with the Hollywood crowd ,etc.
    The answers he will read off the teleprompter will be of those that type the info to the screen. If he is so smart ,he shouldn't need a teleprompter,which will provide him with comments/answers from other people.

  3. Our brave president should just give a speech….I mean let the other guy answer the trap questions and fall on
    his face.

  4. Did they allow teleprompters at debate sessions at Harvard? No, I didn't think so…… It should embarass the Amercian public to admit that they have elected a man to lead the country that cannot even stand on his own two feet during a debate on pre-agreed subject material. Harvard wouldn't allow teleprompters for a reason….. a debate is not meant to be a recital.

    • This article isn't real. It is the weekly world news. Don't believe the article. I wonder how many other people fell for this.

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