On the eve of the second Presidential Debate, Hillary Clinton has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to the press last night and took responsibility for any security failures leading up to the consulate attack last month in Libya that killed the American ambassador.

At the end of the speech she reportedly told the press that she was backing Mitt Romney for President, and hopes that Romney will keep her on as Secretary of State.  “The buck stops with me and it doesn’t matter who is President, I will be the last stop for the buck.  I am the buck stopper and nobody else can stop the buck like I can.”
Hillary reportedly said that Mitt Romney’s experience in the business world and his experience as Governor of Massachusetts make him “uniquely qualified” to be President of the United States.

Hillary also hinted that her husband, Bill, would be voting for Mitt Romney as well.  “Hope and Change didn’t work out, so we need some more Change, so that the country can have Hope again, said a source close to Hillary.”
The Secretary of State also reportedly told WWN off the record that she was tired of  “cleaning up after Barack.”  She wants to start new with Mitt.
Hillary still intends on running for President in 2016.  “The Secretary of State plans to work just as hard for Mitt Romney as she did for Barack Obama and then in 2016, she plans on taking over America,” said a source close to Bill Clinton.

President Obama seemed unfazed by Hillary’s endorsement.  “If she wants to back a loser, that’s her problem.  We don’t see her around her very much anyway.  She’s always traveling,” said a source inside the West Wing.
Hillary will be at the debate at Hofstra University tonight.  She’ll be watching with Ann Romney and Bill Clinton backstage.

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