SAN FRANCISCO  — In a shocking new poll… Mitt Romney now has a commanding lead in California.
The effects of President Barack Obama’s falter in the first debate with Mitt Romney are not just being felt in battleground states, the latest tracking poll of California which shows Mitt Romney has turned a 22 point deficit in California to a 15 point lead… a 37 point swing since the debate.

The Pew Moore Research Poll also said that the big California cities – San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego – all show a small lead for Obama, which means that Romney will likely take those cities.
The Gallup Poll, The Rasmussen Poll and The Hollywood Celebrity Poll also show a Romney lead from anywhere from 4-16%.

Romney also picked up the endorsement of these two women:

Many were shocked that Oprah is endorsing Romney, especially because she is a close personal friend of Barack Obama’s.  But a source close to Oprah said, “Oprah doesn’t like the direction the country is going and she wants a change, even if that means her friends are sent packing.  She thinks Romney will save the country,” a source close to Oprah’s people said.

Celebrities in Beverly Hills and Calabasas have reportedly also pledged their support. These celebrities include:  Patricia Heaton, Claire Danes, Amy Poehler, Chevy Chase, Bryan Cranston, Ron Howard, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ari Emanuel, Martin Scorcese, Sofia Vergara, Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow, The Beach Boys, Tim Robbins and Conan O’Brien.
The Pew Moore  poll was conducted by the firm Survey California which interviewed 15,390 likely California voters from 10/07/12 through 10/09/12. The poll has a margin of error, depending on the question asked, of plus or minus 3.9% to 4.3%.

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4 thoughts on “ROMNEY LEADS BY 15 IN… CALIFORNIA!”

  1. California voting Republican in a Presidential Election. NEVER going to happen again, hasn't done since 1988 so this headline had the least accurate forecast of any state in this year's election. President Obama won California won California 60% to Romney's 39%, so UP YOURS Weekly World News. and San Francisco has been Democrat since 1960, so WRONG, and Los Angeles has been Democrat since 1988, so WRONG AGAIN.


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