Pundits on all major networks agree… Paul Ryan absolutely destroyed Joe Biden in tonight’s Vice Presidential debate.
The only debate between Vice President Joe Bide and Republican candidate Congressman Paul Ryan, which took place at 9 p.m. in Danville, Kentucky is over and…  Paul Ryan wiped the floor with Joe Biden, according to all the mainstream media sources.
“It was a total disaster for Biden,” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews screamed.  “What the hell are the doing at the White House?  Who gave Biden alcohol before the debate?  This race is over!”
“Paul Ryan won the election tonight,” said former Clinton adviser, James Carville.  “Joe Biden looked like Admiral Stockdale tonight.  He barely could form a coherent sentence.”
George Stephanopoulos  reportedly told views, “a Vice President hasn’t done this bad since Dan Quayle got beat up by Lloyd Bentsen.”
And in a surprising tweet, Bill Maher reportedly said, “I am donating one million dollars to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.  My candidates are on too many drugs.”

The debate took place Thursday night, but during the day Joe Biden was looking to score some “Kentucky bluegrass”… “I hear it’s really got a kick,” Biden reportedly told some stoners in Lexington.

The debate focused on domestic issues, with particular attention devoted to the economy.  Paul Ryan repeatedly accused Joe Biden of being a person who wants to take money from the middle-class and run up the debt and deficit.
Not surprisingly, Joe Biden agree.  “Look, we want to raise taxes on everyone. That’s what the patriotic thing to do is.  Everybody needs to chip in.”
Biden also made a few gaffes, as expected during the debate.   He said he opposed Obamacare, was pro-life and wanted to make sure “no woman ever gets a free condom.  Not in my lifetime!”
In the segment on the “role of government” Joe Biden told America that he believed that the government should support every American.  “The government can take care of you better than your mother or father.  That’s a fact!”

Martha Raddatz of ABC was the moderator for the debate.  She was accused of  having a bias because she attended Barack Obama’s wedding.  And she did her best to help Biden out with questions like… “So, Vice President Biden, you agree that Paul Ryan wants to kill old women and drop bombs on illegal immigrants crossing into America from Mexico?”
Raddatz also had tough, leading questions for Ryan:  “So, Mr. Ryan, is it true that you want to mandate that all children carry guns to school?”

Even with the help… Ryan obliterated Biden.
Toward the end of the debate,  Joe Biden surprised American when he turned to Paul Ryan and said,  “You know what?  You make a lot of sense.  You’ve got my vote!”
Polls conducted by MSNBC showed that Paul Ryan won the debate with a 99% favorable rating, while ALL the other media in the country had Mitt Romney winning with a 98% favorable rating.

In an unrelated story, President Obama has authorized, by Executive Order, “triple-voting” in Florida, Ohio and Virginia.   “Democrat residents of those states can vote three times,”  White House spokesperson Jay Carney said.

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26 thoughts on “RYAN WINS DEBATE!”

    • Are you threatening Romney and Ryan. This is a federal crime. Moderator please report bomjupatten to FBI please.

  1. Biden was disrespectful, smug, and overdid the grinning. Shows he was trying to mock Ryan who was courteous and a true gentleman.

    • That wasn't a smile of disrespect, that was a smile of amazement. Everything Ryan said, much like Romney, was either unfounded, or an outright lie. All Biden could do was lie, and I'm happy he called out Mitt and Paul on it. I wish Obama had during the previous debate.

  2. Ryan did not win this debate, he seemed as if he was CLUELESS. Biden won this debate by far and by the way I'm a undecided voter.

  3. i'm an independent voter '69 era vet… joe biden displayed so many micro-facial clues to convince me he is a total loser bald face liar… on the defense the whole time, rude, arrogant insulting to the middle class. We might not be wealthy but we are also not ignorant like near majority 47 % we pay for…
    If the tables were turned, I'd vote Paul Ryan for President !!!

  4. Biden proved he doesn't care what others say. He is disrespectful to others and likely could care less about anything other than his view point. I am not interested in voting for individuals who prefer to dictate to me rather than do things for my benefit before there own. I'm be voting for the 2 guys who are not arrogant.

  5. Sorry guys, the polls I saw, the pundits I watched all agree Biden carried the night. Ryan demonstrated that fact is a four letter word and the Romney Ryan campaign does not use them.

    • Thanks for sying it Kenallan50! I was wondering which debate these other people saw!!?? Ryan was full of lies!

  6. Paul Ryan was respectful and in full control, While VP Joe Biden was rude and disrespectful.__I would not want Joe Biden or Barak Obama to represent me in the government of the United State.__They have had their chance for the past four years and they failed miserably. It is time for a new leadership “Romney/Ryan”.__This was a clear leadership by Paul Ryan. He gave clear answers and refreshingly held the current administration accountable for the massive debt we have accumulated as a result of the Obama administration horrible policies. ____YJ Draiman

  7. Paul Ryan was all class while VP Joe Biden was all over the place. Paul Ryan proved that the Romney/Ryan administration will be a far more effective and far more inspirational leader than Barack Obama & Joe Biden has ever been or ever will be.
    He made Joe Biden look like the empty suit he really is. Ryan had a command of the facts and he used them to give the incumbent narcissist the consummate knockout that he has had coming to him for years.
    Paul Ryan knows that the growth of small businesses and development of our energy resources is a key to our economic recovery. The congressman could not have made that case better, and the two of them are in exactly the same place on both those important issues.
    I predict that within a year after Romney/Ryan swearing-in, we will see an improvement in the economy and increasing every year thereafter.
    YJ Draiman

  8. Ryan won hands down. Biden was an immature jackass, as usual, whining the entire time. Anyone who votes for Obama/Biden are horribly unpatriotic. Why else would they want a president who hates America?

  9. Biden overwhelmingly won this debate. Ryan appeared clueless, won't go to specifics and oftentimes resort to senseless rambling. No substance at all. Biden stayed focused on the issues and inspite of commenting on the substance of the debate, Republicans just focus on facial expressions. Clearly they have nothing to show for.


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