FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — There have been few sightings of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts after the recent decision that upheld the Obama’s administration’s health care overhaul. There have been jokes about an “island fortress” or retreats to other countries, but the truth is just as strange: He has simply gone incognito.

As the Chief Justice’s relationship with Washington players like GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to his fellow conservative justices has gone south, so has Roberts.The 57-year-old has donned a new persona and currently resides in southern Florida, where he is currently “laying low,” according to Weekly World News sources.

With new facial hair, glasses and a wide array of attire, Roberts is reportedly doing a proficient job of assimilating to his new environment. The justice’s decision comes after more than a week of controversy, when it was revealed that he was at time on the side of striking down “ObamaCare.”

Roberts currently goes by the name “Chester Maloney,” and the Bush-appointee is currently attempting to blend in to the Fort Lauderdale party scene. He even had his yacht’s moniker, formerly the “Glossy Gavel,” renamed as the “Sequin Serpent,” and has told family members to “give him a few months” before he will return to his normal life.

According to sources, no one has yet acknowledged recognizing Roberts in the Fort Lauderdale area. The justice will reportedly relocate and establish a new identity immediately if that situation does occur.


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