WASHINGTON – The Department of Defense is building “Terminators” to defend the government against enemies – foreign AND domestic.
The U.S. Department of Defense announced the launch of  “living” computer systems with artificial intelligence that are capable of following orders from military officers.
The U.S. military is no longer satisfied with the speed of analysis and data quality of modern computers and they do not like that soliders and computers are separated.  They want them to be in one “military unit.”
Thus, they are going to producer “terminators.”

The terminators will serve as “walking drones” that will be capable of infiltrating any battlefield, or crime scene  and “alleviate” the problem “human beings.”
“The terminators will be trained to secure a location, make arrests and, if absolutely necessary, to ‘terminate’ any ‘enemies’ that are in their way,” said a Defense Department spokesperson.
The whereabouts of  the Terminators is being kept top secret, but WWN has learned that they are being build in an underground Defense bunker in Northeastern Idaho.
The “brains” of the Terminators can run one thousand times “faster” than human brains.  The terminators can also run faster, jump higher and lift fifty times more weight than humans.

“The Terminators will be used for peaceful purposes only,” said a spokesperson for the White House.  “The President hopes to replace the National Guard with the National Terminator Network (NTN).”
President Obama plans on deploying the first battalion of Terminators to the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay.


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