UFO Phil announced today he has been granted authority to assume the job of President without waiting for the November election.
“I’m going to become your new president. … Don’t worry, [Barak] Obama, Mitt Romney and whoever else can still have their little election. That’s not going to affect me,” said UFO Phil.
A published composer, comedy songwriter, documentary filmmaker and self-proclaimed “man of science,” told The Huffington Post and other media outlets, that he is in possession of secret scrolls that are written by beings from another planet. Those documents, Hill claims, give him the authority to assume presidential leadership without a democratic election.

Once he assumed presidency, Hill said he would establish a “Senate for Terrestrial Alien Relations,” to welcome the arrival of “brothers from space.” Hill also said he will decommission all military ships at sea, in favor of a new fleet of flying discs with spaceports in major cities around the globe.
In addition, Phil wants to build a giant stone pyramid behind the Hollywood sign. The pyramid would be similar to the ones he wants to build on top of Pikes Peak in Colorado and on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.
The pyramids, however, won’t be the only change coming, Hill said.
“The Statue of Liberty has to come down,” Hill told HuffPost. In its place, Hill said he will erect a much taller “Monument of Zaxon.” Zaxon, according to Hill, is the leader of the good aliens. “He has very nice skin and will look phenomenal as a statue,” Hill said.

If UFO Phil’s campaign promises sound a bit over-ambitious, it’s because he plans to become president of earth, not just the United States.
Hill also plans to hold a live concert for extraterrestrials on June 10, 2012, to correspond with the arrival of aliens on Earth, an event foretold centuries ago by the Mayans, he said. The show will take place in California at the site of the legendary 1967 Monterrey Pop Festival.
“When I’m president we’ll finally have full disclosure,” Hill promised. “I’m going to release all the top secret government UFO files to the public on DVD and Blu-ray, with special features.”
David Lohr
Huffington Post 

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  1. Albert Pike Morals and Dogma (p. 817): “the World will soon come to us for its Sovereigns and Pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the Universe, and be rulers over the Masters of the World."
    Freemason Manly P. Hall has said in his book Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, that we are coming nearer to the era where nations will no longer be, the whole world is under one order, one government, under one administrative organization.
    Researcher Paul A. Fisher has studied and read freemasons doctrines. He read all freemasons' magazine New-Age issues 1921-1981. He made from his research next kind of conclusions: International freemasonry has been throughout of its history organized to progress towards worldwide kabbalistic gnosticism, digging the ground of Christianity, and if it is possible to destroy Christianity and infect all central structures by freemasonry thinking …. All researched material points out the fact, that the most members of fraternity are primary ignorant the real plans.
    Site reference; http://koti.phnet.fi/petripaavola/freemasons.html

  2. My fear comes from possible UFO take over the planet with scientific knowledge that humans will not be able to quit – something concerning human sexuality and what it does to heal and happiness and diseases at large logically without a shadow of a doubt.. __A possible dictatorship at some point and a massive change all over in matters of family planning, jobs, new ideas on hiring for jobs, and selected individuals for free higher education.

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