NEW YORK – The MTV reality show is headed for the big screen.

Snooki, JWoww, The Situation and the rest of the gang from “Jersey Shore” are slated to appear in a full-length film based on the
reality television series. MTV sources confirmed that audiences can look forward to seeing the stars of the show in three-dimensional
glory in 2013.
From the famous Gym-Tan-Laundry regimen to a typical night out on the town, the movie will tackle the daily life of the cast except for one
twist: It will all be uncensored. The film will hit silver screens under an “R” rating — a rare treat for fans tired of the limitations
of television.
Relatively few details have been released about the movie, other than its rating and 3-D conversion.  But a statement released by the show’s producers insists that the film will be both faithful and fresh for moviegoers.
“All of the drama, insanity and charm of the show will become larger-than-life next year,” the statement said. “If you think you’ve
seen Vinny at his funniest, Pauly D at his smoothest and Snooki at her silliest, wait until you see ‘Jersey Shore: The Movie 3-D.’ Get ready
to get smushed … in 3-D!”
Only one image has been released, depicting the cast in a 3-D fashion. The announcement has lit up social media outlets and fansites for the
show. Many believe that the potential for guest stars is great, as the rumor mill has already churned out names like Seth Rogen, Taylor Swift
and Jersey’s own, Bon Jovi. More is expected to be announced in the coming months.

Until then, fans are urged to stay tuned to the show for hints and occasional snippets of the upcoming film.

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