A global network of powerful witches and Satanists hold the fate of the world in their hands – warns a terrorism expert.
Sorcerers, all of them practiced in the black arts, are present in every nation on Earth.  They usually keep in close touch by cell phone and now – by text.  And they are plotting to – takeover the world.
“Their aim is, quite simply, to pave the way for the arrival of their master, known in the Bible as the Beast whose number is 666,” says writer Tim Blish, the world’s top Wiccan researcher.  “In other words, Satan, the Antichrist.
“They’re working hard for world domination, so the Antichrist will easily ascend to power.  And the horrifying thing is that they will likely be successful.”
Blish first stumbled onto the demonic plot quite by accident.
“One day 10 years ago, I happened to be in a restaurant when a man seated at a table right next to mine suddenly cried out and keeled over from a heart attack. I performed CPR on him and he whispered in my ear, saying “Stop them… You’ve got to stomp them.”  I asked what he meant and he said, “The Children… The Children of the Kingdom… That’s what they call themselves.” And with that, he died.”

Frightened, but intrigued, Blish began doing research and consulting with experts, but it wasn’t until three years later that he finally found someone who could shed some light on the mysterious organization.
I eventually found a man named Alfonso Fisk who had written a couple of books on cults.  He tole me that the Children of the Kingdom was a very underground group, yet very widespread.  He knew they were Satan worshippers and were aspiring to political power.  e said they were extremely dangerous and if I wanted to say healthy I’d just forget I’d ever heard of them.  Fisk subsequently disappeared without a trace.”
Now determined to learn more, Blish eventually managed to identify an old union hall in New York as a probably front for the Children.  He hired a private detective to wire the place, and soon he was listening to tapes that chilled him to the bone.
“They were reporting on progress they had made in placing various Children into positions of power in both local and federal government.  Some of the names they mentioned were quite well-known.
“They are well-coordinated with other chapters of their group around the world.  All they’re waiting for now is to get their candidate into the White house and Congress in 2012 and 2016. (They actually already have a number of members currently in Congress).
“I can’t say who the witches are at this moment, but they are all famous politicians.  The president and the leaders they’ve set up around the globe will cede all power to the United Nations. We’ll have a one-world government, headed-up by the Antichrist.”
The witches are thrilled because just the other day they succeeded in getting Vladamir Putin back into office.

“The witches plan is to force everyone in the world to have a microchip implanted in this forehead or hand – the famous Mark of the Beast as mentioned in Revelation.  Without this microchip, no one will able to buy or sell anything. The chip essentially stamps the person who receives it as property of Satan.  Once this occurs, the battle of Armageddon will be just around the corner.”
Blish is currently putting the finishing touches on his book, An Overwhelming Darkness, in which he says he will lay bare the entire conspiracy and name names.
“I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t damn nervous these days,” says the author.
“I’m constantly looking over my shoulder and getting very little sleep.
“But the world must know that truth.”
Witchcraft means “Craft of the Wise Ones” and is also Known of the “Old Religion.”
The pentagram is the symbol of the religion. The top point symbolizes spirit being above, or ruling, the four elements of life – air, fire, water and earth – which are the four lower points.
Witchcraft is a legal religion – known as Wiccan.
A male witch is not a warlock.  This is a Scottish term, meaning “traitor” or “oathbreaker.”  A male witch is simply called a witch.

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  1. …the subject matter completely ridiculous, There IS a plot to take over the world through the financial industries and the corporations they own and run which are tied into the military industrial complex. That's the REAL conspiracy, and they are forcing everyone and have forced everyone to take their "mark" which is fiat currency world-wide.

  2. I find this a cruel blasphemy of the wiccan religion. Wiccans are not the same as satanists and people need to understand that. We are simply a religion based on nature. Those who think we worship an entity called Satan – whom might I add we do NOT believe in – are uneducated fools. We believe that evil is in the heart of man as is good…thank you for your time

  3. There have been people driven by greed, lust and control. I don’t think a group as large as this could work together very long, or that they would ever be able to get all that far. Good people will catch on. To sit idle amougst evil is just as condeming as being evil. I’ll be waiting for the chicken shits to poke thier heads up and squash them if they ever get the nerve.

  4. You are correct, Sir. Also, Witches/Wiccans do not believe in a satan . And why not? Simply because satan is a Christian Deity ! They invented it, they own it. Plus, the first Rule of Law for Wiccans is this: "Harm Ye None ! " Now, since its' invention, about 2 thousand years ago, Christianity has been responsible for well over 450 Million deaths! To say nothing of the kidnapping and enslavement of several races. Also, when the patriarchal invaders came to America, there were over 60 Million Native Americans here. When the white invaders had finished enslaving and butchering the Native Americans, there were less than one-third of a million left! So, look to your "1%" of "global elite", kiddies. You'll see truly who IS enslaving the planet. Now, cut out the bulls*it and throw the 1% off the planet, FOR GOOD !

  5. as a wiccan i agree with theses comments – and i have to say that the ones who are so well organized and in connection via cell phone etc. and who are plotting to take over the world are actually Christians.

  6. this article is about witches and satanists taking over the world and you all are mad because it misrepresents Wiccans? given by the same news source that invented bat boy? get my point?

  7. I suppose next youll be saying the Canadian band Rush is also part of this conspiracy just because they had a pentagram on one of their album covers! 😛

  8. my self im a pagan i know of a few wiccans but wiccans have nothing to do with the devil or aka satan only thing this is is trash made by christans to make wiccans look bad

  9. No power as such will ever take over the world, that's kids stuff.
    Witches or Wiccas do not believe in Satan or God as classically thought but otherwise in the evolutionary conditions, yes, and why not since they, the witches, have a clearer understanding of what today I call PSEM (Psycho-electromagnetism) within and about all beings and that any being that you look at and can address anywhere could not have existed before PSEM.


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