PARACUARO – Chupacabras are killing sheep across Mexico.
The elusive chupacabras have been slaughtering sheep – and other farm animals –  in small towns in Southern Mexico.
Mexican authorities said that the sheep are being slain in the early hours of the days, with their bodies typically being left on the ground with claw and tooth injuries, especially under the neck.
Some thought that it was aliens that killed the sheep.  The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials sent Banesh Bannerjee to Mexico to examine.  “No, this was the Gootans. This definitely looks like a mutant beast attack.”

One man who was looking after the sheep in their pens said he saw the creature responsible for the attacks. “It was chupacabra.  I know what I see.  Chupacabra,” said the farmer.   He reportedly said it had fangs, claws and wings.
Most eyewitnesses are afraid go outside right now because they all described the fangs, claws and wings of the chupacabras.  “I will never go outside again. Never. Chupacabra!” said one woman.

This is not the first time such a report has emerged from south of the border. Back in September 2010, shepherds in Mexico’s Puebla state were baffled after more than 300 goats were decapitated by chupacabras.
Chupacabras are animals that under the category of cryptids — creatures that haven’t been confirmed by science, like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.



  1. I am suspicious of UFOs sending such creatures to earth as perhaps guineas, see what can happen? Real trouble could show up!


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