WWN is on a mission to find our most wanted subjects.  Please help us.  Have you seen Reindeer Boy?
NAME:  Rudolph.
LOCATION:  Nome, Alaska
AGE TODAY:  Ten. (14 in reindeer years)
AGE IN PHOTOS:  One (1.4 in reindeer years)
FEATURES: 7 inch antlers jutting from the sides of his cute, cuddly head. The antlers should have grown to 28 inches by the time he hit 10 – according to Dr. Carl Bevinitsky, a renowned neo-natal physician from Sweden. Rudolph has a red nose that glows when he wants his bottle.  He often got his antlers stuck in the slats of his crib, but he has half a dozen pacifiers hanging on his antlers – so it always ends well.

THE PARENTS:  “I love my son’s antlers! I just knitted him a horn hat.” Rachel (27) said. “Rudolph is a real dear.”  Father Bob says, “I hang my tie on his horns every night. He’s a real help.”  The parents do not want to have the baby’s antlers removed even though Rachel suffered severe horn pokes while breastfeeding their little Rudolph.
Here’s Rachel with her son:

Note:  Rudolph’s parents died in a bizarre igloo accident, so last reports were that Rudolph was living with his aunt and uncle – Charlie and Betty Bench of Anchorage.

WHY NOW?  –  Reindeer Boy is in hiding because the Federal Government wants to use him for experiments.  But WWN has information that could be VERY helpful to him.

NOTE:  Rudolph comes in handy during the dark Alaskan winters.  He helped light up the starting line at last year’s Nome Iditarod.
If you  have seen Reindeer Boy, please let us know in the comments below!  All tips will be kept strictly confidential

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