ST. PETERSBURG –   Gootan spaceships fired at commuters in St. Petersburg yesterday!!

There was   an extraordinary explosion seen by thousands of commuters in St Petersburg, Russia yesterday.

It seemed like the end of the world when motorists driving along this busy motorway saw a huge flash light up the night sky on the horizon.

The flash was  first thought to be the result of an explosion at an electrical power plant in St Petersburg, in what was described as a ‘technical malfunction’ by officials.

But, WWN has learned that explosion was actual a Gootan missile fired from an alien spaceship that had been seen hovering over St. Petersburg for the last few days.

“It definitely came from that alien spaceship.  It was getting lower and lower in the sky and we thought it was going to swoop down on us, but then it went back up and shot a missile at the electrical plant.  We saw it with our own eyes,” said Vasilev Kornosky, who was on his way home from work.

One driver was listening to John Lennon as he was stuck in a traffic jam and caught the event on video.


Authorities in Russia told WWN that it is a signal that the Gootans (who landed on Earth in November, 2011) have begun their attack.   “They no longer will be ‘observing’ humans, they are beginning to attack and, of course, they realize that if they take Russia, the rest of the world will be a piece of cake,” said a military official close to Vladmir Putin.

Putin himself has vowed to kill “every last Gootan I see,” with his bare hands.

Others say that Putin has made contact with the Gootans and is working with them.  “Putin wants to see Russia destroyed.  He has his hands all over this,” said Sasha Mernov from Moscow.

Russians go to the polls to choose a new President on March 4 following widespread complaints of ballot rigging by the party of favorite Putin in the December parliamentary elections.

The electrical power plant has been disabled by The Gootans.  “It was smart move, they have taken out a significant power source in Russia,” a NASA scientist told WWN.  “America is taking steps to protect our power grid.”

Where will The Gootans strike next?   WWN is the lead media outlet on this story and will keep you updated by the day.

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12 thoughts on “ALIENS ATTACK RUSSIA!”

  1. Gootan's do not USE missiles world governments do.This is a new world order last chance to enslave the people to a one world government. WHAT A JOKE.

  2. This is bad. Hadn't scientists from the UN thought that the ships above St. Petersburg were simply recon ships gathering data? The big motherships are not yet even beyond the asteroid belt, have they been a diversion? Or was this missile assault just a test to see the Zeeban response? This could turn ugly, quick.

  3. This is simply a wind storm blowing down power lines. When the lines hit the trees, it creates the bright green or white flashes. Red flashes are usually fire being illuminated by the electrical arcing. Spectacular video beside I would think that an alien force would strike us with lasers or plasma or something even more advanced not a basic missal…really???

  4. I Have An Erection, and if you wanna have SEX with a gootan, or a Zeeban or a hobala-whats-it then i say, MOR POWA TO YA cuz whatever thy want, *wether its to help us evolve our way of life, or to suck our life out a straw up our ass* it can be substituted with big, juicy, human titys. mabye they want our gold, or theyre gold diggers! COME HERE TO STEAL OUR WILL MONEY!! but stop bein so damn scared, if they are 4x smarter thn us, theyll understand were intellectual and feel how we feel, theyre NOT retards. if they are, of course real……… Youtube.com/Uberhaxornova

  5. WTF you guys always assume but we all know that E.T's are smarter than us and US intelligence gov is always hiding this bull crap shits. They should tell us everything.


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