BOGOTA, COLOMBIA –  Charlie Sheen has been in Colombia for the last week,  trying to start his own drug cartel.
Controversial actor Charlie Sheen was reportedly is in Colombia to scout locations for a movie he is developing about cocaine traffickers, but WWN has learned that Sheen is actually trying to form his own drug cartel.   “Now that he is no longer acting, he wants to ‘win’ at another profession that is close to his heart,” said Julio Sejo of Bogota.  “He think he can make some friends here and start a drug cartel and make the big money.  It will be tough for him.”
Sheen asked financially troubled actor, Nicolas Cage, to go in on the new venture with him.  Sources say that Cage is considering it, but Randy Quaid has already said he wants “in.”

Sheen got off to a bad start, though, when he went to the coastal city of Cartagena and was caught smoking inside a non-smoking establishment.  The owners of the bar told Sheen to put out his cigarette, but Sheen refused and then got into a brawl with several of the locals.
After being fired from sitcom Two and a Half Men earlier this year, Sheen has been busy getting back to work, recently filming movie A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III in Los Angeles.
He will also star in a new sitcom Anger Management on U.S. network FX.
The star has been through three stints in rehab and was forthcoming about his use of drugs in an interview with ABC News back in February.
There, he opened up about his past drug use, telling them the last time he used drugs he ‘probably took more than anybody could survive [on].’
‘I was banging seven-gram rocks and finishing them, because that’s how I roll,’ he said. ‘I have one speed. I have one gear. Go.’
Here’s the latest place that he turns on the “go” – Cartagena:

The star told WWN that he is now ‘absolutely’ sober, but he still believes there is a strong demand for cocaine around the world and “other actors set up vineyards, I don’t see what’s wrong with forming a cocaine cartel.”

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  1. Eleanor Gower we all know Mr. Sheen like drugs, but don't use an old country reputation for a title Colombia is no longer that, is all in the past do your research before posting stupid titles.

  2. It is really disappointing and annoying!!! why always you have to say Colombia "capital of cocaine"…. stop please!!! we, as Colombians, are tired to have this image, and you the media does not help at all!!! we are aware about the problem, but is enough, the Country is trying to work on its reputation, and the people who has not been there can' t judge a Country for the bad moments we' ve been through… PLEASE IF SOMEONE IS IN COLOMBIA, DONT MAKE THE IGNORANT CONNECTION TO SAY THAT THEY ARE THERE JUST TO TAKE DRUGS!!!! please DONT GENERALIZE!! WE ARE TIRED TO HEAR THE SAME!!! WE DESERVE RESPECT!!

  3. guess which is the leading drug-consuming nation in the world? It's not Colombia, but the good ol' USA! Just say no to drugs!

    • Europe as a whole has about the same as the USA. Heroin is legal and still prescribed in England. Heroin and cocaine were both invented formulas of Bayer

  4. John not so much past, maybe you should do your research, cocaine, cartels, paramilitarism, and narcotic trafficking is still very much a problem in colombia, and with the government in power now colombia its definately not improving. Maybe if people like charlie sheen and other actors didn't glamorize their cocaine use then colombia may actually become a country without so much violence. Who knows why DAS let this ****** into Colombia. And to make the assumption that charlie sheen is in colombia doing Drugs i would have to see would be close to 100% Gringo de mierda!

  5. We all know Charlie Sheen likes drugs but making the assumption that this is the only possible reason for his trip to Colombia means ignoring all the wonderful things Colombia has to offer and the improvements we have made in the last 10 years or so. Colombia is no longer the cocaine capital of the world and as a Colombian, I feel deeply offended that some people use our former bad reputation to call for atention on a poorly written article. You are spitting on the face of millions of Colombians who have suffered and shed blood and tears to change their country. Granted, we still have our problems, but we are working on them, and for that, we deserve more respect from the media.

  6. I love Colombia and the Coombian people. to be honest it is the greatest country I have ever visited, and I am going back soon. So the reputation as number one Cocaine country of the world, Is hold By ignorant people who never leave their State borders. And have never seen what else Coombia have to offer. These people belive everything in the Media and think it is the truth. I have always felt happy and welcome in Colombia and have never felt afraid in any way. When that is said, Colombians also have to realise that They are STILL among the biggest Cocaine producers of the world. And their Government is not helping address this Problem, sorry but this is the truth :P. If you as a Colombian Belive they are, you are as stupid as The people who see Colombia as nothing but cocaine and violence.


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