Three giant alien spaceships are approaching earth.   Governments around the globe are preparing for war!
WWN is the only major news outlet that has been following the three giant alien spaceships that are headed toward earth.  U.N. scientists, astronomers and experts on extraterrestrial life have all confirmed that these alien ships are hostile.
NASA expects the ships to enter the earth’s atmosphere by November 28th, 2011.
Why is the mainstream media not reporting this?
“Governments around the world are trying not to alarm their citizens, trying to avoid mass panic or hysteria.  But at the same time they are preparing for a battle with hostile aliens,” said Banesh Bannerjee, a ranking planetary scientist with United Nations Panel on Extraterrestrials.

WWN spoke at length last night with Dr. John Malley, the head of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.
Here’s some of Dr. Malley’s comments:
—  The alien spaceships are from Planet Gootan, a planet just outside our Milky Way.  It’s a planet that is approximately 14 times the size of earth, but has a similar atmosphere.
—  The smallest Gootan is about ten times taller than the tallest human and about four times stronger.
—  Our human brains are not as developed as the Gootan brain and therefore, there is much we don’t know about what they are doing.
— The three aliens spaceships are NOT part of the ongoing alien invasion that began in October 2010 and will continue until December 2015.    Most of the aliens that already arrived on Earth are from Planet Zeeba – a peaceful planet, that is about the size of Earth.
— Major media around the world is covering up the alien invasion and the alien attack from Planet Gootan.
— Dr. Malley urges all citizens to prepare for a war with aliens from Gootan.  “They are aggressive, hostile and will take over your body without you even knowing it.
— The scariest part about the Gootans?    People with lower IQs on earth, will not be able to “see” the aliens – only the smartest among us will be able to see them, but we will all feel the effects of the Gootan invasion.
— Life as we know it on earth will be forever changed and 2012 will be a new beginning for all life on earth.
There are a number of NASA astronomers (and astronauts) that plan to break the “code of silence” that has kept this huge story from breaking in the mainstream press.
WWN will keep its readers updated often over the next few weeks.  Please check back – and if you see ANY evidence of aliens from Zeeba or Gootan – THIS is the place to report it.
We want our readers to be safe.  Perhaps we will be the only ones to survive.

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40 thoughts on “ALIEN ATTACK WEEKS AWAY!”

  1. i hate how people think its fake! now i'm not saying aliens are attacking but c'mon who really knows! we will just have to wait and see what happens.

  2. Right,Selena Gomez is not pregnant, the world didn’t end in October, It wont end on a Tuesday. STOP. FEEDING. LIES. Irony though, it says it is the “most reliable news site” 😛

  3. im not saying i dont beliveve it, im not sayin i do . . . theres is defo aliens, no doubt . . but the guy said "The scariest part about the Gootans? People with lower IQs on earth, will not be able to “see” the aliens – only the smartest among us will be able to see them, but we will all feel the effects of the Gootan invasion" what does he mean? i know alotta stupid people, will they try to go to work while aliens are shooting laser guns or what?

  4. verjetno imamo tam med ejlieni kakšnega špijona, pa je poklical po mobitelu na zemljo kaj se tam dogaja,oziroma kaj nas čaka…mogoče bomo imeli nov dan neodvisnoti ,ko bomo premagali ejliene

  5. there might be some truth to the story after all has somwone herd of baba vanga she told that there will be world war 3 on october 2010 and will end 2014-15 maybe that was what she ment whit world war 3

  6. this is a joke they keep like this "The scariest part about the Gootans? People with lower IQs on earth, will not be able to “see” the aliens – only the smartest among us will be able to see them, but we will all feel the effects of the Gootan invasion."
    LOL come on now

  7. how come it is that I don’t believe any if this? There hasn’t been any alien invasion yet, because had there been, there would be millions of people in the world panicing about it! And there isn’t a big stink about it at all! Come on! And if it is true, then the worst thing for our government to do is try to make war out of it!!! If they are as smart and as strong as you say they are, then they are strong enough to kill us all anyway, so why not take that one chance we have and try to make peace instead of attacking, because if they do come in peace then it will be our own government that kills us by starting an unnessesary war!! Now, THAT IS A FACT!!


  9. No aliens, yes UFO’s, but technology is our own that we’ve(USA amongst other nations) been hiding from our public for the purpose of a world wide illusion of an alien attack. This will be a mass genocide make no mistake about it. We’ve all been brain washed and conditioned to think that aliens do exist and that they are warlike creatures. When/If this happens we’re going to refer to Hitler’s and Stalin’s work as child’s play.

  10. lol i believe in aliens and extraterrestrial beings smarter than us and if this does happen ill be laughing my a++ off hoping that the ones that posted all of this just playing get killed or eaten alive lol ive always wanted to go to war with someone but never believed in killing another human i guess we will put the GOOTANS to the test lol

  11. excuse me guys i wana tell something special i am a pakistani and in pakistan i saw a space ship in the sky it was of red colour first we thought that it is rocket or fireworks then with camera i get to know that its a space ship it could be of planet zeeba i am surely sure that its space ship….

    • Admin, Greetings from one Earth citizen to another, I too have seen these. In a 2 day span starting July 28 The third encounter, the red/orange disk was so close to me we stopped and stared at each other….its light intensified with its movement…and seemed to glide on static.. Best Regards, JDP

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