WASHINGTON – President Obama is in talks with Senator Harry Reid and Senator Mitch McConnell to raise the debt roof.
“The ceiling isn’t high enough any longer. We need to press on, and push up,” explained the President’s spokesman this morning at a White House news briefing.
Obama met with Reid and McConnell yesterday to negotiate a formal raising of the new debt roof. Democrats and Republicans continue to be divided on the issue of new federal revenues. Sources confirm that the meeting with McConnell got heated. An aide claims to have seen a “chandelier shake, swinging from front to back.”
“The President believes strongly that it is time to stop protecting corporations. In order to move forward for the people, we need to come to a consensus and implement tax changes for corporations. Big companies are not public enemy number one, but we need to stop shielding them. It’s time to get busy,” his spokesman continued.
The President is getting “roof-raising” support from the Vatican:

Obama will be meeting with Hillary Clinton tomorrow to discuss a revision of the Glass Ceiling Act of 1991.

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  1. The upper limit is far too high, and we ("We the People") can no longer afford it. Raising the debt limit will only allow the "Ruling Class", and their "Perfumed Princes of Commerce and Industry", drive us so far into debt that we will have to declare bankruptcy, not to mention that the "Ruling Class" will be able to continue the sad practice of reckelessly throwing our ("We the People") money into the myriad of money pits that are currently the albatross around our necks.

  2. To make recollection BUSH raised the debt ceiling on 7 different occassions – but NOW, the republicans have a problem with doing it. Stop YOUR BIPARTIAN BS and do what America NEEDS now please or we will elect politicans WHO WILL.

  3. Glad they labelled this as (satire), otherwise it would have just been racist and stupid. Nice work though, making google newswire with this crap. America needs a dane cook version of the onion.


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