A video  showing a “UFO mothership” and a “fleet” of alien spacecraft has gone viral.
“UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London” has been viewed almost a million times after being uploaded on June 26 and is ranked second on YouTube’s “most watched today charts.”
The video begins with shaky footage caused by what can be assumed to be the person behind the camera running down the street to where a group of people stand filming the sky on their mobiles. The camera then turns upwards, where three shining dots can be seen passing through the sky.

The circular dots then return several times before a similar larger shape appears, hovers for a short while then disappears at speed. In the background a man can be heard saying “There’s a UFO up there.”
The video was first uploaded June 24 by YouTube user alymc01, who despite being a member since 2007 appears to only have this video and a duplicate of it on his or her channel; the video that has gone viral is a re-post of that footage by user EllasVirgo.

The video has received some mainstream press coverage in addition to mentions on blogs specializing in UFOs. While no marketing company has yet come forward to claim responsibility for the footage, a number of similar videos have appeared on YouTube over the past few days, including
UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London:
UFOs Tower Bridge:
UFO June 2011:

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6 thoughts on “UFO MOTHERSHIP”

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  2. The only thing such events tell me is that there is much going on on earth than meets the eye. They must have restrictions by their own leaders back home not to intervene on earth openly, so quit…

  3. f it is a hoax, it is travelling all over the world. Exactly the same formation (3 spaceships in a triangle) has been sited in multiple cities in the US including NY. Looks like the aliens are ready to reveal themselves if we are ready for them. It is the US military/intelligence community that does not want the truth about advanced aliens visiting from outer space to be revealed, since that would undermine US military and economic dominance of the world. This elaborate coverup has been going on for almost 60 years. See ufocoverup.org for more info.


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