CHICAGO –  UFOs were spotted again over Chicago on April 2, 2011.
Nicole Dragozetich was driving down 35th Street and Western in Chicago at approximately 8 p.m. Saturday when she noticed at least a dozen people stopped in their tracks, staring at the sky. She used her cell phone to shoot video of what everyone was watching.
Here’s the video she shot:
“You could see the UFOS – just moving down the street. And they took form. At one point, it looked like an arrow, at another they looked like beanbag chairs.” Dragozetich  said..
Dragozetich told WWN that she saw the lights hover over her car and she could see oragne and red aliens in the front of the spaceship.  “I saw them, I definitely saw them,” she said.
Dragozetich said the lights were also orange, at the pattern they made was at times symmetrical, at times not.
John Malley of the United Nations Panel of Extraterrestrials was called to Chicago on Sunday.  He inspected the video and spoke to more than a hundred eyewitnesses.
“These were definitely spaceships from another planet.  My guess is they were coming from Planet Ximu.”

Malley went on to say that spaceships from Planet Ximu  and Planet Zeeba have been spotted across America (and the world) since October 2010.  “They are all part of the ongoing alien invasion, which began last October and will continue until December of 2015.”
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    – Certain things about quiet UFO movers, they know problems on earth already concerning advanced civilized ways which they are accustomed.


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